Friday, September 3, 2010

Vanity WIP photos

Vanity is coming along quite nicely and I mean that literally. No spells and no Hocus Pocus...YET!!! The Chazman said last night that I should have called her Medusa....because of her hair. Thank goodness it is just lambswool and not snakes making her look that way. WHEW!!  Although with that being said, it might be that my muse was whispering through my child....a Medusa sculpt....hummmmmm??  Rest assured I will not use snakes....i can not stand them...they are pretty to look at but only at a far far FAR off distance I never hurt any of God's creatures to make my ooaks. NEVER...ever!!!

Vanity has a strong wire armature that I have made the elbow and knee joints somewhat moveable. I'm letting the glue dry where I attached her head....I surely don't what her head falling off....HUMMMMM....another muse whispering...listen....I'm hearing the saying "your head would fall off if not attached to your shoulders". Can't ya just see a sculpt saying that. OMGOSH...I can!! OK now what were we talking about? Oh yeah....after her head is secured I will begin to wrap her in yarn. As I go I add a bit of fluff here and there to fill her out a bit. Once that's done I will begin her costuming but that's for another post.

I thought maybe doing some WIP photos and details on this ooaks would help someone that has never made one at least give it a try. Go ahead....try'll like it....Muaaahahahahahahahahaha!!! Oops, I think it's time to go....a feel a spell coming on.

Until next time....Hugs,

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  1. I love her crazy hair!! it's great!

    {thank you for stopping by ! :)}