Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Even Monsters like Stories....

Eyes peeking out over the top of the covers....Owwwww....the closet door isn't shut all the way. "HEY MOMMIE", the little boy cried. Please come and shut my closet door, it's open. Mommie came right in....closed the closet door and kissed her little man on top of the head. A few minutes later, "HEY MOMMIE", the little boy cried. Please come and look under my bed, I'm sure there's a monster under there. Mommie came right in....bent down and looked under the bed. No monsters that she could see. She kissed little man's head and said a sweet Good-nite. Eyes peeking out from under the covers and ears listening so hard. "HEY MOMMIE", the little boy cried. Please please come look again...I know there's a monster under my bed. Mommie came right in but instead of looking under the bed again, she walked over to the bookshelf and pulled out a book. She handed her little man the book...turned on his bedside lamp and sat on the side of the bed and said, My dear little one, there is nothing to fret, for even monsters like stories I am willing to bet. If you hear him again simple open your book and read him a story and lull him to sleep. With a kiss and a hug mommie said as she left.....Sweet dreams my little man and say your prayers and remember even monsters like to have stories read.

The Chazman's doodle snack bag for the week. He informed me this morning that he could use one for a whole week. He would take good care of it. He promised. My sweet little man.

Anyone that knows me or follows my blog knows that I am wanting to write children stories. I think that I have finally figured out just what kind. Short stories that will help with their imaginations. The title of the series, "The Paper Bag Tales". Simple books with quirky illustrations and ones that only we may read but it's something that my heart really wants to do.

Until next time.....Hugs,


  1. I love this story- so creative, and it would be perfect for helping deal with night terrors! And I also really like the idea of you creating a collection- the title is perfect!