Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vanity Voodoo, a Witchie Poo

There is nothing better than coming in from a midnight's flight and taking ones boots off. Awww, my little piglets can breathe. Ow Weeeee....that smell..that smell...that smell of stinky smells like a warm summer's night heat. Before I remove my hat and shawl...let me go take my mirror down from the wall........

Mirror, mirror in my lap
Answer my lovie, in a snap
Who's the Witchiest of them all
Me, you say....
What a very good call
Now, let's put you 
Back upon the wall.....

Vanity Voodoo is one of my ooaks from the Witchie Poo Series. I hope that you have enjoyed her WIP posts up til now. You can go back to some of the achieve post to see her from the beginning. If you have been following and have decided to do your own witch, I would love to see.
Vanity is sitting on a stool cauldron (she is permanently attached to it) Her legs can be gently moved if you so desire. 

Vanity is holding a real mirror. How else would she get an answer to her questions. Muahahahahahahaha!!!!

Poor Vanity...holes in her socks. BUT what better way for her to enjoy that smell when she pulls her boots off. Peuuuuu!!!!

Until next time...............Hugs,

Vanity will be available in my Etsy shoppe. Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. LOL! I see her beckoning won you over and you completed her! I love the toes poking through her socks!!!

  2. She's fabulous- I love her toes, and the spider web woven in between her fingers (with those awesome nails :)) and the spiders scuttling about....wonderful! Also, your poem works perfectly :)
    Have a beautiful day!