Saturday, September 4, 2010

One man's junk is now my treasure!!!

Saturday's are my day to get out of the house for a bit. Now keep in mind that I love to work in my studio during the week but it is nice to get outside....feel the breeze...ok ok when there is a breeze...and wonder around the city to see just what others are peddling. Peddling as in yard sales, garage sales, estate sales  and flea markets. The Chazman always seems to do the best amongst the three of us and he always has...even as a wee three month old. He learned at a very early age that his baby blues and angel face could and would get him alot. He came home with a big Wal-mart bag full of goodies and only spent about $2.75. I was very lucky to find some treasures of my very own today. Most will be combined into ooaks, of course!! 

Maybe a few will remain with me as in the beautiful linen napkin with the initial "M" on it and the cute lil Bearalicious Ice cream Bear. I collect Bears and have for many years and the more unusual it is....well...the more I love it. Yes..yes..I know...I am UNUSUAL....but that's a good thing, riii iiight??  The cute drink trivets will remain with me to. One day I WILL TEACH my menfolk not to sit the drink on the pretty little dollie but on the drink trivet that is even closer to them than the pretty little dollie.  I had to really rummage through some boxes to find a large zip lock bag full of all kinds of doll hair and a tiny bag filled with BRIGHT pink feathers. I feel in love with the base that has the wires coming out of it. You know that won't stay together for long as I see weebies holding up a wire with a note attached. (the cute lil baby was in some of the things the Chazman got so he gave her to me...he is always giving me lil gifts...such a sweetheart) The wooden bench, I can see two (not designed yet) ooaks from my Olde Folks series sitting on. The big pocket watch is my biggest treasure of the day. I designed an old watch maker several years ago and have been wanting to sculpt him but just couldn't come up with the right base. I do believe I have found it, don't you?

It was a very good morning. There really was a nice pleasant breeze blowing and there were treasures all around. Have you ever found a treasure amongst the junk? Share....tell us about it. I know we would all love to hear or at least reads about it. This afternoon we are going on a different treasure hunt.....treasures washed up from the sea. Our weekly beach walk. Hope you have a fun afternoon planned.

Until next time....Hugs,


  1. Gosh this does sound like a nice day. Good buy on the goodies.

  2. Fun, fun, fun!! I always love hearing about your treasure hunts. I'm sure you will "repurpose" those lovelies quite brilliantly!!

    I didn't see your note and beautiful sketch until Friday!! I was re-using the bubble wrap for my own packages and saw it on the bottom. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I guess I was in too much of a hurry to extract Emerald, lol!

  3. I have a little bench just like that one, except mine is a lighter color! It was a perfect size for my little 4" Puki doll before I sold her. I got mine for about 10 cents at a yard sale :)