Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sabrina...the tiny spellcaster, a OOAKS in the Witch Series

Hocus Pocus...nooooo....Pocus Hocus...ohhhh me oh my what spell did I cast...I turned my cat Prince into a frog at last....I need that spell book I need it right now...oh wait..silly's underneath my foot I see!!!

Sabrina is a fully sculpted ooaks made from Prosculpt without the use of any molds. She is only 4 1/2 inches tall. Her eyes and detailing are done using acrylic paints. She is sitting on top of three spell books that are all sculpted out of Prosculpt clay. The one in her hand is also a sculpted book. Her wand is a real piece of wood. Her outfit is part sculpted and part fabric. Her wings are hand sewn and embroidered with tiny glass beads in the tips. Her hair is dyed Tibetan Lambswool. (sheared)

If you are interested in letting Sabrina come and cast spells at your home, please email me for additional information. Thank you for looking...please check back often.

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