Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goslynn..the Ghost child Bulb'z

What do you get when you add......a block of wood, a burned out Christmas tree light, some wire, tape and a very vivid imagination? A Ghost child from Resyculbinz, of course. I am having so much fun designing the bulb'z characters. I love having the gift of "seeing" something just trying so hard to emerge out of old or used items. In this tiny bulb I saw a playful ghost...Goslynn.A tiny flower from her grave behind her back she's what binds her to this earthly realm until she decides....a ghost, a spirit, no more she wants to be. So hush, be quiet and you might just get to see......our Lil Darlin Goslynn and her furry bunny Peave.

Goslynn and Bunny Peave stand from base to tip at a tiny 8 1/2 inches tall. Goslynn's body is a tiny light bulb that is covered in a pink taffeta material. Her face, hands and shoes are made from Sculpey clay. Her face and eyes are handpainted using acrylic paints. Her shoes are washed in acrylic paints to give them that worn leather look. Her arms and legs are wire wrapped in virgin wool yarn dyed pink. Her hair is dyed Tibetan lambswool. Her dress is handsewn using pink Taffeta. Her sash is tye dyed silk with a tiny sterling silver dragonfly sewn to it. A tiny crystal is placed on the sash above the dragonfly. Her stand is a wooden block hand painted. G is for Ghost is painted on the front.
Goslynn and Bunny Peave are up for adoption. Adoption fee is $60 plus travel fare. Each of my ooaks comes with a signed COA (certificate of authenticity) Thank you for looking and check back often as new townsfolk are coming to Resyculbinz on a weekly basis. NOTE: Artist will not be held responsible for any mischief that Goslynn gets into once she comes to live with YOU!!!!


  1. Using the lightbulb is just genius! I like this one. Did you make the bunny rabbit too?

    Peace Always,
    the DragonLady

  2. Excellent! not only have you created the wonderful character Goslynn, you have given her amusing and interesting life in your description. The ability to see and develop an idea into reality is truly an inspirational gift.

    Keep on Creating