Thursday, October 10, 2013

35 Lil mummies in a box...ready to wreak havoc!!! Muahahaha

Finally....FINALLY...I have finished all 40 lil mummies. What a project and one that I swaney just kept growing and growing..hehe.  The Chazman is very happy that he will have a surprise to take to the class Halloween party later this month and if my lil man is happy....then...I am happy, happy, HAPPY too!!!

If you are new here and would like to have your kiddo say "I want my mummy umm I mean mommie to make some too" then just click HERE to see my How To post.

I could not believe that I actually got 36 of these lil fellas to fit inside the box. That is the real number that the Chazman needed but he wanted a few extras. The extra ones will just travel in a paper bag. Not just a plain bag either. HEY....ya'll know me and ya know I can NOT send a plain old paper bag. HEHE

I'm using my old painted box that I have been using for several years now and it's going to work perhaps this one more time for us. I need to start saving boxes again because you never know when ya need one. Love to recycle!! I did do some touch up and added some new images so it doesn't look to banged up. If it does though then that will only add to the character. I mean the mummies are traveling from Egypt!!  HeHe

The worse part of the box was the original outside flaps.....soooo...I made them the inside flaps this time. I covered them in a cardstock newspaper print and added some cute little tags over that. Now when the box is opened they won't see where I have pulled old images off......several times!!

So here are the inside flaps that are now the outside flaps. Have I confused ya yet? 

Added some cute little side images. 

The end package....all ready to be hand delivered!! The little mummy tag has written on it "Open at your own risk".  I so hope the kiddos will enjoy their mummy candy containers. Each one is filled with Smarties, a Skellie Pop and a bag of bones...candy bones that is. Muahahahahahaha (evil laugh or perhaps just a giggle)

Now that these guys are totally and completely finished I can work on the Tooth Faerie assistants. So far I have a monkey, cat and frog all sewed up. A dragon is all stuffed and patiently waiting to be put together. I'm going to make a rabbit and a bear and then I can start painting them. I still won't be finished with them because I have to make their little pouches. The pouches that will hold those baby teeth as they come out that need the Tooth faerie to collect. Ya don't know what Tooth Faerie assistants are? Come back to visit and find out. ^_^

Until next time.............Hugs,


  1. You are just the best! Your boy must be so proud of you and of course thrilled to bits with those fabulous mummies.

  2. You are the Rockin' Mom of Halloween! I love your mummies, and I know Chaz will be so proud to take these in. :) xox