Sunday, October 27, 2013

Can ya see me now? (Santa thinks he is hiding..hehe)

Yesterday was a quiet day around the house. I know....I know, for a Saturday that's VERY unusual. The Chazman woke up not feeling well at all so we stayed in. Must have been a small tummy bug because this morning he says he is feeling "FINE". (have to say that in a very heavy Southern drawl and in a baby voice because he still has one)

I always hate when my lil man gets sick but it gave me some quiet time in my studio without the weekend guilt that can go with it sometimes. A few projects actually got worked on...YEAH!! I'm going to make some of the old fashioned chenille bump ornaments and yesterday I was able to cut out ALLLLL the little faces. So many many faces....there were Santa faces, angel faces, snowman faces, a little girl elf face and a sweet vintage couple that I'm going to make "Our First Christmas Together" ornament with.

The little tin is stuffed full of faces. I have been searching and gathering vintage images for awhile now and decided it was time to cut them out. Talk about time consuming...WHEW!! There are some great free sites to find these, like....Hubpages, Vintage Holiday crafts, and my favorite place to hunt for vintage images is The Graphic Fairy. Just remember when finding an image you like and want to use that you read the terms of use and make sure it's alright. Normally it is but just make sure!! ^_^ (I mean, it's the polite thing to do ya'll)

After I finished cutting and cutting and cutting AND CUTTING the faces out, I had time to work on my newest Santa piece. Santa is looking pretty spiffy so far and extremely weird. Yes, I said WEIRD. They always do at this stage.

See I told ya...hehe!!  Santa thought he was being cute and hiding amongst my craft tools but I caught him. It does look creepy though. I mean it looks like his head, hands and feet are just there without a body. YIKES!!

Santa finally came out and decided I could get a pic of him so you could see that he has a strong wire armature. Ohhh, look..he is even doing a dance for you. Walk like an Egyptian (oh-way-oh)  I'm hoping to get his yarn underclothes done today. Fingers crossed. As you can see his hands are completed and I even made him a pretty handsome wedding band.

His face is painted but I still have a few small details to do. Hmmmm, I wonder how long it's been since Mrs. Claus has seen Santa without his beard?

I also was able to paint on the vintage ceramic sleigh yesterday too. I'm not finished with it but it's looking so much better than it did.

Almost after..hehe

I hope that YOU have a great Sunday. Thank you for stopping by for a visit...come back again and soon!!!

Until next time...........Hugs,

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out Regina!! I think your Santa is looking marvelous, I love his face!!!