Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's Drug Awareness Week here for the kiddo!!

WOW...talk about an unwelcomed guest coming to visit and NOT getting the hint to leave!!! OMGOSH..I am so not talking about a real person...I love my poeple guest and my furbaby guest...it's this nasty crud I just can't seem to shake. I love the changing of the seasons but apparently they don't like me so much. It is to blame for one of the reasons I haven't been posting but I decided it was NOT going to tell me what to do, especially in my own house......NOO...nope..naaa ahhh!!

I have been busy working on the Tooth Faerie assistants and some of the other items for the Angel program, when the nasty visitor would let me. :P   I have also been coming up with some new designs for some Santa sculpts. I found this AWEmazing site on Facebook called the "Alabama General Store". They promote artist, not just from Alabama or even just from the South but from all over and they don't charge us anything to list or post our photos of our art. Not a thing...nope...nothing!! Here is what they say about themselves: "Alabama General Store is a Southern artist outreach and no cost marketing initiative sponsored by Inspire Arts, the flagship program of Inspire Charitable Foundation. Our Foundation is a nonprofit corporation fostering Inclusion. One of our missions is to provide mentorship. We want to help our members be successful in the Business of Art."     Like I said...AWEmazing group. They even have it set up like a store with floor levels so that you can find just what you're looking for and believe me, YOU WILL find what you are looking for. So many wonderful artist and their wares. Take that cup of coffee and wander on over and do some exploring perhaps even some shopping. (ummm you can find me on the Holiday Decor floor and the Jewelry floor)

Now part of my time since Saturday has been getting my kiddo ready for Red Ribbon Week (Drug Awareness) The Chazman brought home his weekly "What's happening" newsletter and said that he wanted to participate each day in the theme. My shy kiddo is coming out of his shell and it's such a thrill to see. So with him wanting to do this, we had to go on some junk treasure hunts on Saturday. We got really lucky and found some of the items he would need to make this week happen and only had to spend about $6...that's goood!!  Here's what the weeks themes are to be:

Monday: Duck Dynasty Day (Dress like one of the characters)
Tuesday: Team up Against Drug (Wear favorite team shirt)
Wednesday: Too Smart for Drugs (Dress like Steve Urkel)
Thursday: Hugs not Drugs (Bring favorite stuffed animal)
Friday: Red shirt and jeans day.

The mister is NOT a hunter so we had to find some camouflage. I mean it is the uniform for DD..hehe!! Chaz really likes Phil Robertson...said he is soooo laid back and loves the way he talks so that is who he wanted to go as. We tried to find an old wig so that I could make a beard but had no luck there (well we did find a few but not within our junk treasure budget) so I made him one using cotton balls. HAHA...almost could have called him Santa Phil. To really bring the character into the outfit I found a duck card and added some of our own words to it and pinned it to the pocket of the tshirt. The saying we used was: Happy Happy Happy to say No No No to Drugs. The Chazman was a fitting Phil if I must say so myself. ^_^

Today, Tuesday is team day and they could wear their favorite team jersey. We didn't find a jersey but really didn't think we would at yard sales but it was worth a try. I mean we didn't even find any auburn rags...muahahahaha. Just kidding...my friends know I love both teams...when they aren't playing each other. The Chazman did have a long sleeve crimson tshirt and I called the school yesterday and asked if he could wear that instead of a jersey since he didn't have one and they said OF COURSE!!! Now ya'll know me and ya know I could NOT just let my kiddo wear a plain old tshirt.....sooooo...I got my paints out. I spent most of last night painting since I had to let each layer dry before adding to it but I'm very happy to have done it especially when I saw the Chazman's eyes this morning. He LOVED it!!! He and I both looked at each other and he asked if I knew why he pulled more for Alabama than any other team. I said I thought because he was such a smart kid...HAHA. He said "Ohh Mom". He told me that he loves Alabama because his Papaw (my Daddy) asked him to always root for HIS favorite team and to remember his Papaw every time he yelled ROLL TIDE ROLL!! (and he said he told him never to say that dirty word either...Auburn. Ohh my Daddy..you would have had to have known him) I got a good cry out of that one and realized just what an impact my Daddy had on my son at such a young age and for such a short time.

Tomorrow is Urkel day and I sooo can not believe that my shy guy, even if he is coming out of his shell, wants to dress just like Urkel did. We found a great button shirt and even some suspenders for him to wear. I will post a photo of that tomorrow...so come back to visit. Ya'll don't want to miss Chaz Urkel..for reals!!

Until next time............Hugs,

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  1. What fun! I'm sorry you're sick, but look what you can do at 50%! At full power, you must be amazing!! And go, Urkel Chaz! xo