Thursday, October 24, 2013

Squish, squish!!!

I  have sooooo many art projects going on at the moment and my muse is fluttering and flittering here and there just trying to keep up. (about time I made her be at a loss for words..perhaps I can get some of these completed) Of course most of the projects are the ones for the Angel Christmas program but I needed a break from sewing and decided to do some squish, squish, squishing of the clay. Ohh it felt sooo good..hehe

I'm starting a new Santa, which I actually started last night or should I say early this morning..OH WELL...he got started!! I went hunting through my treasure troves and found an old ceramic sleigh that I think will go perfectly with him. Ya'll know I love to repurpose found items and this sweet little knick knack needed a rescue for sure. I'm going to rub it....not paint it...RUB IT...hehe..give it that old worn look. The sleigh will be red and of course the holly will have green leaves and darker red berries. The sleigh runners will be brown. I'm even thinking of making a lap blanket out of a pretty vintage piece of crushed velvet material I have with white yoyo's on top. That's still in the "thought" process though and as soon as my muse stops fluttering and flittering about I'm sure she will give me HER opinion on it.

For those new visiting the old Southern Ooaks tree let me tell you a bit about my art. All of my sculpts are hand done which means I NEVER use molds of any kind. I try and make each piece a true one of a kind which means I very rarely sculpt anything the same. I do have some small characters that I might repeat but with them still being hand done they will always have some different characteristics from each other. All of my larger sculpts have strong wire armatures underneath a body normally wrapped in yarn. I LOVE making yarn undies..hehe
I try and use vintage fabrics, buttons, jewelry and knick knacks in my pieces...I LOVE to repurpose those treasures that have somehow been put by the wayside. When a character calls for hair or beards I use either yarn (pulled) or lambswool (sheared only). The ooaks (one of a kind sculpts) eyes are bone beads placed inside the clay face and then hand painted after the clay has been baked. Yes gets baked and thank goodness I have had very few mishaps with them not getting to toasty. ^_^  If you ever have any questions about how I do something just ask....I will always take the time to answer and love sharing ideas and my often quirky ways of doing things.

Until next time.............Hugs,

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