Monday, December 20, 2010

Jack Frost

Someone sent me an email this morning of all the snow that Russia gets this time of year. OMGOSH...I will NEVER complain about our wee bit of cold again. Cars completely covered and I do mean completely and looking like a double Decker bus is actually underneath all the snow.
Now finding your car is something that most of us forgetting where you parked it when you went to the mall or Wal-Mart. Hopefully, these folks have one of those key chains that let's your car "BEEP" out at you and OH MY for those that forget to roll the windows up (I can't imagine riding with the windows down in this kind of weather but to each his own) this will make them remember to triple check next time for sure.The car upside down and sitting on top of the dumpster must be one of those that did drive with the windows cold they couldn't see where they were going.

Imagine will you, in your minds, if snow can cover their cars like this then how bad can it be on their homes. Can't imagine that in your head....well no need to is one homeowners snowbound home and BOY do I mean snowbound!!!
See why I will never, EVER complain about our weather again...well..OK, I probably will say a tiny brrrrr here and there but never really complain. I bet if they knew they could catch him that an all points bulletin would be put out on Jack Frost. To bad that no one was awake or around when he was tapping on this window!!
Brrrr!!! Not saying that for our weather but for the poor Russians that have to endure this every year and for a matter of fact for all of those that have to endure the cold, fluffy, white stuff. So as a gift to those of YOU that live in the snow parts of the world....I'm giving you a photo of our warm, soft, white stuff. Want to trade? 

Now..back to saying OUCHIE and working on the little felted mermaid...LOL  Until next time....Hugs, Regi


  1. Now thats some snow! Love the icicles forming a hand. Gotta wonder about that guy with the windows down & oh my, I hope that roof holds up under all that snow! Thanks Regi.

  2. It is amazing how the house can hold up all that snow. It looks like a mushroom house. So happy you enjoyed the snow. Hope you are feeling much better too Beth.


  3. Wow, that's some CRAZY amount of snow! We just heard that we have flurries in the forecast for Christmas- that's as much of a white Christmas as I've EVER had or WANT to be truthful! I love the icicle hand (beautiful) and that fabulous rainbow in your beach snap!

  4. We don't suffer at all in the winter, unless it's being lulled into a false confidence on landscaping choices that get freeze-killed unexpectedly. That icicle hand is fabulous!

  5. NO thanks. I lived in huge snow country most of my life and I am done with it!!!!
    Have a happy holiday

  6. Those are crazy snow pictures!!! Wow!

  7. Unflippin believable! If you didn't have the pics to prove it I just wouldn't believe me own eyes! Cold, brrrr is right! Wowie, that hand is awesome! Thanks for the wake-up call. I can never ever complain that it's cold outside now here in California! I feel so lucky now Regi! LOL my mouth is still wide opened. Thanks for sharing this funny story and these amazing pics!