Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Christmas Clock

My Christmas Clock...the one I'm keeping time by as I try and finish making all my gifts that we are giving to family this year. The perfect time piece. Do you see why? Look closely....what's missing? THE HANDS!! Like I said...the perfect time piece. No pressure because I can make it be whatever time I want or need it to be. ^_^

I sat down last night and came up with my list of just what to make for all the kiddos in the family. One good thing about kiddos is that they eventually grow up into adults and therefore get taken off the "to get for list" unless of course one of them calls and sweet talks me into making them something. It's so heart warming to know that someone loves what you get them especially when it's not a purchased item. However, the kiddos that are growing up into adulthood in our family are starting families or their own so now I have "gulp" great nieces and nephews to make for. I'm not complaining mind you...OH NOT AT ALL...I love making my gifts.
It's just that I always...ALWAYS...wait until the last minute to figure out just what I want to make for them.  Please tell me I'm not the only one that does that....PLEASE!!! After figuring out my list of names, I then started to work on the design of the gifts themselves. Here is my hope that none of them are reading this...nahhhh..they are to young or to busy or have totally forgotten that I have a blog....ummmm....I hope so for now anyway but just in case I won't list the names just the gifts and then they can just wonder which one will be theirs.....if they are reading this. AND if you are one of my kiddos then STOP reading right this hear me. STOP!!!  LOL

Bohemian Bag with felt rose pin attached
Leather & Lace Wristlett with velveteen roses & Earrings
Felt Purse with Mermaid Pin
Large Cuddler Monster
Bag full of Felt/fur Monsters
Bag full of felt/fur animal babies
Cloth sock monkey
Large Rabbit Cuddler
2 year old Keepsake that I see my list I have tons of work again of me for just 9 days remaining. OMGOSH...only 9 days left. Not only do I need my clock with no hands I need a calendar with no days. YIKES!!!!! I need to get busy, busy, busy. Already working on the felt rose pin so let me get back to it. Hope you have all your shopping and gift making complete. If you have then please come and help are more than welcome.
Here are the keys...just let yourself in and pick an item on the list and GET BUSY!!!!

Until next time.................HUGS, Regi


  1. I think I need a clock like that! Love your Santa soft sculpture. :-)

  2. I want to borrow your clock!!

  3. can borrow it anytime ^_^

  4. I certainly need a clock like that! Is that YOUR key ring? If you have that many gorgeous rusted skeleton keys, I am officially GREEN with jealousy on that one! And...I WISH I was done with my projects...I'm still trying to muster up enough cards, let alone the other projects that I'm trying to finish! Yikes! It's crazy! It's a good thing I really like making stuff! HA!