Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The List-Item #3

Bohemian Bag with felt rose pin attached
Leather & Lace Wristlett with velvet Roses and a Yarn/Ribbon Scarf
Felt Purse with Mermaid Pin
Large Cuddler Monster
Bag full of Felt/fur Monsters
Bag full of felt/fur animal babies
Cloth sock monkey
Large Rabbit Cuddler
2 year old Keepsake
OMGOSH and YEAH!!! I finished with item #3 on my list. I can take a deep breath....ahhhhh haaaaa (that was me taking a deep breath ^_^) I still have the others to do but those won't be delivered until after the first of the year. I think that _______ will be very happy with her mermaid bag. Let's just hope that it makes it until next year....you know how a 5 year old can be...plus they have a new puppy in the house....YIKES...but she asked for one and I just had to make her one. 
I had sooo much fun needle felting this one. I only stuck my finger one time and didn't even need a band aide. YEAH ME!!! This mermaid just took on the roll of a DIVA and that was kinda funny because that's what my sister and I call Ms. Savannah. (I think it's alright to post her name...I don't think she will be pulling my blog up anytime soon..hehe...althooooough she might....nahhhhh...she can't...can she?)
She is a full needle felt with a hand painted face. Green eyes like the sea she comes from and the eyelashes...well...that's her DIVA sign..HA!! She has a small pink quartz on her top and a pearl in her belly button. Her hair is cashmere wool.
The bag I made from felt squares and then placed a crepe lining in it. WOW....I had forgotten how much crepe likes to creep when you sew with it. I definitely had to remember what time of year it was....didn't want to end up on Santa's naughty list for my mouth and I sure don't like the taste of soap...YUCK!!!  I managed to get it placed inside the bag. YEAH ME again!!  The handle is some of my macrame knots using fringe yarn. Not an easy thing to do...I think I gained more fingers than I had starting out...or at least it felt like it. ^_^
On the front panel of the bag I stitched up a seahorse out of a piece of suede.....attached some of the fringe yarn that I made the handle out of, some purple fluffy yarn and a shell we found on one of our beach walks this past summer.

On to the next item...the large cuddle monster. The monster won't be to big but big enough to hold and it's going to have long arms so it can give the "Bestest" of hugs. This gift is for Josh, he was born with severe congenital hydrocephalus, brain damage, muscular dystrophy and is on the level of a two year old. They told my sister in law that he would not live past the age of 5, if she was lucky. Josh turned 24 this year. He is bound to a wheelchair and doesn't talk much or walk but he is the sweetest lil man in the world. He always lets folks know that he is happy to see them and will even throw you a smoochie or two and pat the sofa wanting you to come and sit with him. I am one of the few in the family that he can say my name...it's Gina to Josh and that is just fine.

Until next time....Merry Christmas Hugs, "Gina"


  1. Your mermaid is so wonderful- I LOVE her belly pearl!
    Thanks for writing about your nephew Josh, that really touched my heart. I had a broher who was born a severe quadraplegic- the doctors told my parents similar life expectancies, but he lived and touched our hearts daily for almost 20 years.
    Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS, my friend!