Friday, December 17, 2010

The List...Item #1

Bohemian Bag with felt rose pin attached
Leather & Lace Wristlett with velveteen roses & Earrings
Felt Purse with Mermaid Pin
Large Cuddler Monster
Bag full of Felt/fur Monsters
Bag full of felt/fur animal babies
Cloth sock monkey
Large Rabbit Cuddler
2 year old Keepsake

This is "The List" from my last post. My list of gifts I'm making for the kiddos in the family for Christmas. No names have been listed next to an item to protect the innocent..Ohhh noo wait I think that saying goes with something else. HAHAHA or rather HOHOHO!! I don't know which of my teenage family reads my blog on a regular basis so I don't want to spoil the surprise. That would be like unwrapping the gift and then wrapping it back up and placing it under the tree. NO FUN...well..ok...sometimes it is if the gift is for you and you have shaken it about 100  times trying to figure out what it is BUT these aren't for you or me so let me continue. I'm taking my list in order...not meaning that the first one is actually first or more important than the others, it's just the way I wrote it and I need to stick to it so I can get them all done. YIKES!!! There are only HOW many days remaining til it's time to rip all the paper off the gifts? I'm not going to think about that at this moment...I'm going to my happy place....and start on item #2. Oh yeah...Item #1 is it is:

I think it turned out AWESOME...well maybe I should say "I think it turned out BOHEMIAN".. LOL.  I do think that ......oops.... I almost slipped and said WHO. Silly me...although I do believe she is going to like it. It is a really BIG bag. I did the strap so that she can put it over her head and wear it crossed over her. You can get more in your bag carrying it like that ya know. Ahhhhh...brings back my gypsy days. Those were the....ok no time for past stories...maybe another time. I used a vintage rose tapestry fabric and a matching striped fabric. The back of the bag is the rose side...I thought the stripes leaned more to the Bohemian look. I attached two roses at the base of where the strap is attached on each side. One made of felt and the other left over fabric from the bag. I made a small flap and attached a pretty vintage button so that she can close it and feel safe about what's inside. She is actually getting two gifts in one. See the pretty bunch of felt and fabric flowers on the front of the purse? Well, it's a pin. I loved big bags when I was a teenager and always attached a pretty pin with beads on it that "look". As with mine, she will be able to remove it and wear it on a jacket, sweater or shirt. Do I rock or what?  I may be old but I'm a gypsy old!! Here is a closer look at the pin.
Now...on to item #2. It's going to be a very busy weekend my friends....VERY BUSY and I LOVE it!!!!

Until next time.....meaning when #2 is complete ^_^....Hugs, Regi


  1. Great projects! Your going to have some happy family members!

  2. Item #1 is so beautiful! Merry Christmas friend1
    Becky Jane

  3. You are very talented. :) Thanks for visiting me, I'm a new follower...hava a Merry Christmas!

  4. Is there ANYTHING you can't do? These are wonderful and your family is SO lucky to have you! I make most of our family gifts too :)

  5. those roses are gorgeous, I love roses too!!