Monday, December 6, 2010


Ohhhhhh....the weather outside is frightening
and I think it's really trying
to freeze off my wittle nose
Let is Snow..let it snow...let it snow!!!

OMGOSH....ok so it's not really snowing here but if we had rain clouds in the sky that suddenly decided to open up then it would have been snowing..oh would!!! It was freakin freezing this morning when the Chazman and I went outside for him to met the bus. Literally, it was 32 and right now we are only up to 37.   I know my friends that are sitting here reading this that live up North are laughing until tears are out..they might freeze..hehe.  However, someone, apparently forgot to tell old Jack Frost that he was on the coast and should be wearing shorts, sandals and drinking one of those little Froo-Froo drinks with an umbrella in it. Geez Louise!!! 

I did look out my side window this morning and with looking through the blinds it did look like we had snow on the ground. It was one of my beautiful white camellia trees. The wind had apparently blown all the blooms around and well....look for yourself.
After feeling the chill in the air this morning....I'm happy that this is the only "snow" we had here. Now if we can just get back our nice tropical, warmth. 

I'm going to be working in the studio today. Starting on the teacher's Santa. I will probably be making two as I can't decide which size I want to give her. You that know me...know that sometimes when I sculpt it decides right in the middle that it wants to go in a completely different direction. I so can not have a Santa that starts out as a 3" to end up wanting a 10" body...that so would not work!!!! Well....maybe it could if I wanted to do a totally, completely WHIMSICAL Santa. Nahhhhhh...not for the teacher but maybe for another time. I will have to keep that idea in the back of my head. Hummmmm, I just had thoughts of Tim Burton..wonder why?

I have an assistant today and she has already found her a WARM place to be. So I guess I need to get started.
Until Next time......stay WARM and Hugs, Regi


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  2. I'll stay warm...and you don't work to hard.
    I have added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower also

  3. It's cold, cold, cold and rainy, rainy, rainy over here! Seriously, what color is the sky because I've forgotten!!! People who have been here for a while have said that they've never seen or heard of it being so cold and rainy here before. Figures, right???

    Your fur-buddy looks a lot like my Minnie!! :D

  4. We woke up to flurries & a light dusting this morning, but I like your faux snow better!

  5. I just realized that you are not in my RSS feed! Good thing I checked. This isnt the first time that I've realized that a blog I follow isnt showing up in my feed. I'm subscribing via Reader too, just in case!

    Thanks for coming by Sofia's Ideas, I would have never checked otherwise! :)

  6. Looking forward to seeing your Santa!
    I do love those great book marks you made also- what great gift ideas!!

    THanks so much for hopping over to my blog and saying hi so I could find you!

    bee blessed

  7. We are freezing our butt of here in Atlanta too- and my hubby just informed me that we now have snow in the weekend forcast! What is UP with the weather- it's not supposed to be like this till Feb......I LOVE your Camelia, so beautiful. My roses are still blooming, crazily enough!
    I can't wait to see your Santas.....and I'd love to see a "Tim Burton-ish" one!

  8. should be "butts" and "off" sorry, my fingers are too cold to type :