Friday, May 18, 2012

Kitchen Faerie is coming along nicely

Wow...where in the world has this week gone to? I so can't believe that it is Friday already. Not complaining, mind you...not at all. I just don't know where Tuesday through Thursday disappeared to...hehe!! I have been working on the Kitchen Faerie and she is coming along so nicely. I normally do the heads first but for some reason my muse wanted me to do the body first. Actually, I have jumped all over the place doing this one.  I found these cute miniatures over at PrintMini and made an adorable recipe box with tiny recipe cards. If you need anything mini and I do mean ANYTHING go and check out this awesome site.

Here are some WIP photos of the "BODY" so far. Shame I can't re-sculpt mine...LOL!! OK....well....actually I am working on re-sculpting myself but it's going to take a good while BUT like my great grandmama use to say "We don't put it on overnight so we aren't going to take it off overnight". Wise woman!!!

After looking at these photos I need to shorten the fingers on the hand that is tapping the bottom of the sugar shaker. The other hand has it's fingers curled under the shaker handle so they are good. I have this really colorful string that I'm going to put around the open space in her middle to be part of her shirt. She will also have a chef's hat and an apron. I'm planning on using colorful dragonfly wings on her as well.

I'm hoping to work on her some tomorrow afternoon as I'm not cleaning this weekend. Perhaps I can even get her finished...that is if I can focus...hehe!!

Now it's time to head to Heritage Park where it's movie in the park night....YEA!!! The movie tonight is "The Zookeeper". The Chazman and I are stoked....the hubbikins will probably start snoring but that's alright. At least he will be with us...mostly!!

Until next time..........Hugs,


  1. It's looking wonderful so far!!! Can't wait to see! have a fabby weekend.

  2. Wow she is amazing. I didn't even notice that the fingers were too long. I thought they looked normal to me. Welllll.... hmmm.. normal and me Really???? LOL
    Have a great weekend

  3. She's fabulous. I love the energy in this piece - just what a kitchen fairy would need. ;)) As for reshaping me - yep. NEED. lol!

  4. She is looking amazing! Can't wait to see her finished!