Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher appreciation week. It is a very important week and one that should be recognized. I do believe that we should tell them all year long how much they mean. Helping our children to open up their minds and absorb all the knowledge that is made available to them in the classroom as well as keeping those minds open to learn outside the classroom. It takes a dedicated, caring and nurturing person with an over abundance of patience. I salute all those that have chosen the path of teaching....keep up the awesome work!!

The Chazman brought home a letter Friday with some suggestions of what we could do to show his teacher  just how much we do appreciate what she does. Chaz has a very good teacher that has really made learning a fun experience for him this year. Here are the suggestions:

Monday=flowers Tuesday=card Wednesday=sweet treat Thursday=Supplies Friday=Donate Book/movie                                      

All of them are good ones and of course they are just suggestions...we can do any of them...all of them...or come up with something completely different. I like the suggestions and I'm using them...with a tiny twist.

This was her gift for yesterday. I followed the Monday suggest of flowers....just not live ones. I wanted to give her something that would last for a long time. Something that when she looked at it, she would think of my Chazman. 

I made her one of my chap stick secret compartment pins. I took the photo before I was actually finished with it though and then forgot to take one after...silly me!! I love making gifts and just get so excited. Yes yes, I'm easily entertained. It's that.....or.......I really am getting very forgetful. Now....what were we talking about?  HAHA  Just teasing.  I added a cute button that I've had for some time, a tiny blue watering can. I attached it to the tiny middle mauve flower. Chaz said that she L O V E D  it and took it around to several classrooms so the other teachers could see it. That made his day and mine!!

Today is card day...so the Chazman and I sat down yesterday afternoon and talked about what he wanted to do. We went through some of my digital photos and he picked out an old Alphabet quilt pattern. The letter R. He said what better for a teacher than a letter for her last name. He has really enjoyed reading this year with her so he wanted me to add one of my bookmarks to the card. Here's what her gift will be when he gets to school.

Inside we put a small appreciation saying just for her.......

Chazman made me feel so good wanting me to make one of my paper corner bookmarks for Mrs. R. They are so easy to make and can be embellished in so many ways. 

I hope she loves her gift today as much as yesterday...LOL!!! While the Chazman is at school I'm going to be working on her gift for tomorrow. It's sweet day so I think perhaps a zero calorie sweet. Like a felt cupcake pin cushion. I have to go check and see if I have all the ingredients ummm I mean supplies.

Until next time.............Hugs,

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  1. I will be working on Bella's teacher's card today as well. I wanted to have it done yesterday but I had to clean the house instead - blah!

    LOVE your projects - totally awesome-sauce!!!!! Lucky teacher! Something every day? WOW!!!