Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bearded Dragons???

What a great weekend!! I hope that YOU and yours had an awesome one as well. I know for most it was a much needed long to have that extra day to have fun or rest or both. ^_^  and to celebrate Memorial Day. (Thank you to all of the men and women that put their lives in harms way to protect us....I do know that FREEDOM isn't free. Our thanks goes to all that have served, are serving and will serve in the future)

Our weekend started out with a much anticipated trip to our "Little Zoo that could". We promised the Chazman if he made A's and B's for the year overall then we would go and visit all the amazing creatures that live there. I do believe we have found a place to visit at least once a month from now on. I haven't been since it first opened in 1989. Yes...I can still remember back that far..HAHA!! It has definitively been through some changes since then. It's a wonderful place to visit....again and again. Please watch the video with the link below to see just why our Zoo became "The Little Zoo that could" and see just where it is headed in the near future.

Most of the animals at the Zoo are rescues or have been donated but I can assure you that each one is very loved and well cared for. Patti Hall is the director and she has done amazing things for the zoo...she had a dream and is making it come to life. If you watched the video then you know that there is a new and amazing  new zoo coming in 2013 and the Chazman is so excited about it. He said that he will always love the little zoo that could and wants to keep visiting until their big move....and we will!!!

Oops...I forgot I didn't have makeup on....
Oh was to would have melted off.

The Chazman is going to be a tall one....he is only 9 and look at where he comes on me. I'm not short any means. (5'8") Just look at that adorable Li'l angel for sure.

Now those of you that come to visit under the old Southern Ooaks know how much we love our turtles and fish and ok ok all God's creatures. ^_^   These little guys swam right up to the edge of their pond to get some treats. Unfortunately, there were also some VERY greedy little fish that were much faster than the sweet turtles and they gobbled it up. Bad fish...BAD!!!

This handsome fella was just sitting in the shade (very SMART handsome fella) and seemed to be enjoying looking at all the folks walking by. Ever wonder just what the animals are thinking as they watch us watch them? If only they could talk or perhaps it's best they don't..hehe!! This guy did pop his big old bill for us as we were walking away. Chaz turned around and waved at him and I swear this guy nodded his head at him.

You seems that these amazing creatures are much smarter than we are....they were all laying in the shade as we were "melting". It was worth the heat though....isn't this guy a true beauty? 

This lovely beauty was laying down and then slowly got up and walked to her water. Looks like she is looking into it and admiring her reflection....and she should. Big cats just fascinate the Chazman and me. out..this is a very dangerous creature...NOT!!!! He was the cutest little bunny and he hopped right over to Chaz and sat looking at him. Chaz wanted to pick him up so badly but he respects all the signs hanging about that all the animals might bite. Might....that is the key word but he figured that might was close enough to may or will. Smart boy!!

I so need to get a video camera...hummmm...I think mine is a video camera...LOL!! I will try it out next time we go. These were the goofiest and most comical characters. They waddled up to the fence and saw that Chaz had a treat cup. Ohhh yess..they knew exactly what it was and what it contained. They started chattering at him and he gave them each one. They wanted another...and another and another. Chaz got tickled at them chattering and moved over a bit and they moved over a bit. He moved back to the other side and they moved back to the other side. They were copying him and so the dance began. I laughed til I cried.

The shadow knows!!! It does look like just a shadow, doesn't it? I so wish I could have gotten a better shot of this awesome creature. This was the only shady spot and he/she was NOT going to move. 

While we were walking around, we heard a siren far off in the distance. So did these lovely creatures. Wolves...I love them...always have!! They started singing with the sirens and what a lovely song it was. The Chazman and I just shut our eyes and listened until they stopped. 

Of course we have the comical little monkeys. This one was pacing all around and as soon as one of the keepers came by he immediately stopped pacing, sat and kept an eye on him. He even started reaching through the bars at him. You can tell that the folks that work at the zoo love these animals because you can see the affection the animals have for their humans in their actions.

The Chazman got a bit upset when we walked over to take a closer look at these two. He thought that the bird was pecking at this little furbaby. Come to find out that the bird was pecking at the flies that were hovering a bit to close to it. Can we say Mother Hen?  LOL

They have an area where at certain times of the day they will bring out some of the animals and tell you a bit about them. This guy is one that the Chazman has been saying that he wants. A bearded dragon. They say they make good family members so I "gulp" told the Chazman once he gets a little bit older and more responsible then we will check into getting him one. Maybe he will forget...ri iight??

I could show you so many more photos of our Little Zoo that Could (I took 96 of them) but I will end for now. We had a blast and the Chazman is ready to go back. I hope that if you are ever in our area that you will visit. I promise that it will be a day filled with owwww's, ahhhh's, giggles and smiles. 

Until next time.............Hugs,


  1. No, no way is he ever going to forget that you said you'd 'check into' getting him a bearded dragon! He's going to hold you to that one! I enjoyed your little trip to the 'Zoo that Could' right along with you! Loved this post! I adore that pic of you with Chaz. Raw honesty and pure love!

    Peace and Hugs,

  2. What fun photos! Thanks for sharing them!!! I love visiting zoos too.