Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kitchen Faerie WIP

My muse has FINALLY started singing about something other than mermaids. Don't get me wrong,  ya'll know that I LOVE mermaids but I love other creatures faeries. A friend has commissioned me to make her a kitchen faerie. I'm so excited, for two reasons, (#1) that I get to design a kitchen faerie and (#2) that I'm going to be pulling in two types of my art that I love to do....felt creations and clay creations.

Now this friend is a fabulous baker....OMGOSH...her cupcakes are to die for...or at least so good that they might make ya want to slap your momma. (I so wouldn't advise that...and I so don't condone that type of behavior. It's just one of our quirky Southern sayings that means it's "OHHH SO GOOD") The Chazman loves when she has orders to fill and makes a few extras because she brings some to us. Well...I really shouldn't say US as the Chazman seems to be the only one who gets to enjoy them. Not that we wouldn't love one but it seems when we decide to eat one...there...aren't.....any....left. Imagine that!!

With her love of baking and cupcakes being her specialty, well, it didn't take to much whispering from my muse to tell me what I needed to do with this ooaks. My plan is to make one of my felted cupcake pin cushions...but this time it won't be a pin cushion. It will be the base to a recipe card holder. The Li'l faerie will be the assistant pastry chef. She will have her little apron and chef hat along with a few baking instruments. Hopefully, she will be holding a tiny can of sprinkles and shaking it over the cupcake.

Here is what I have so far and keep in mind that I just started working on's still in the early WIP stage.

I have her wire armature completed and she is all wrapped up. I like using the florist tape to bulk out my pieces so as not to use to much clay to weigh them down. I mean...she has to be able to fly ya know!! ~_^

Here are some of her cooking utensils....a tiny wooden spoon....the sprinkles shaker.....a whisk and a spatula. I'm thinking of putting some vines on the handles but then I might not as they are going to be in her apron pocket. Decisions....decisions!!

Time to get back to work.....until next time...............HUGS,

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  1. I love seeing how you get from a mound of clay to a form to the finished piece. Your process is amazing.
    Crossed Fingers