Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Certificates of Authenticity

Most that come to visit me here under the old Southern ooaks know that I love to write my little short stories to go with my designs almost as much as I love designing the actual piece itself. I think that my stories (or tales if the piece happens to be a mermaid...get it....tales....tails/fins....HeHe) let you see just where my muse was wanting me to go with each one. Sitting here and reading it under the old ooaks tree is good but what about for the collector that adopts a particular piece?

I have decided that I'm going to make my COA's (Certificates of Authenticity) into little storybooks. Each character from now on will come with it's own little book. The cover of the small book will be my pencil and pen drawing of the sculpt it goes with. The back cover will have one of my business cards attached. I don't want the collector to forget who the artist was or how to get in touch with me.....so they can adopt even more.

I have the book ready for the Mother and child mermaid piece. It's nothing fancy but it is a great keepsake that includes not only the story for the character but how it was made and that it is truly an original....one of a kind. The front cover and the COA are both signed by me.

The books are small....most will be around 3-4 inches tall. Just big enough so that someone can actually read them without going blind in the process. ^_^

Until next time............Hugs,

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  1. That's awesome I love that idea!! love ya sista