Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sew Sweet

Wednesday Teacher Appreciation Theme=Bake them cookies, brownies, ECT, any sweet treat.

I am really enjoying making all the goodies for Teacher Appreciation week. The Chazman is also enjoying all the oowww's and ahhhh's he is getting when he gives them to Mrs. R.  I think I make them just as much for him as I do for the teacher. I'm sure he won't be asking me to do this in a couple of more years....soooo....I'll just enjoy it while I can. 

I love to bake and was going to make some of my yummy spiced oatmeal cookies for Mrs. R but ohhh NOOO, my muse had a completely different approach to Sweet tooth day. I had to agree with her that there would probably be an over abundance of cookies, brownies, ECT, any sweet treats brought in today. Yes, yes I'm sure those that know me and my muse have already figured out that there had to be a twist put on the theme for today and you are so right. Instead of my spiced oatmeal cookies... I whipped up a zero calorie, delicious, German chocolate, butter cream icing FELTED cupcake pincushion.

Doesn't that look just so so SOOOO delicious? HeHe  Of course, you can't eat it but now I have you wanting a cupcake, don't I?  My thoughts were that Mrs. R might like a SEW SWEET TREAT that she could take home and have a keepsake of the 2012 TA week. (TA for Teacher appreciation week..thought I might need to add that since after reading didn't sound just right ^_^) It's also a pin cushion...I love to make unique and different pincushions. Remember the cute little Fabric covered box I made with a tut included. You do remember it...ri iiight? Well click above and go look then sillies!!

After I made my sweet treat I thought it needed something else....something to make it look even more like a delicious cupcake. Then it hit me....I needed a cupcake wrapper. I remembered when the Chazman was younger and we had to always remind him to take the paper OFF the cupcake BEFORE eating it...LOL!!   I just love being able to google things and it still amazes me at what you can find. Ohh yes my darlins, I found cupcake wrappers...pretty pretty cupcake wrappers. I found a new friend too, Tami, over at Food Art Party and she had the cutest ones by far. So many to choose was a hard decision but as soon as I saw the butterfly one and she was offering it to use for free (for private use only...not for resale...have to always be courteous when we "borrow") I knew I had found MY wrapper. Thank you Tami!!!!

I printed off the template and the little tag and went to work. Ya'll know that I ADORE butterflies and that they are an important part of my life so when I can share them in any form with others...well...that's a good thing...a very good thing.  I used one of my butterfly prints that I have on vellum paper to add some dimension to the tag. I also added the pretty felted pink rosette and pink sprinkles (tiny pink pearls really)

The Chazman proudly carried Mrs. R's cupcake to school this morning. I can't wait for him to get home so I can hear just how much she loved it. I mean..who wouldn't love a zero calorie cupcake??

Until Next time................Hugs,


  1. I LOVE it. She is going to go crazy - I just hope she doesn't try to take a bite out it. I thought it was real! You are the best team, you and the Chaz. :) Lucky teacher! xox

  2. So cute!! And yes, now I want cupcakes!!!