Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Tin can is all she's a gettin

Thursday Teacher Appreciation Theme=Supplies, pencils, post it notes, copy paper

Giving supplies during this week sounds like a good thing to do. I know that most teachers during the year have to keep replenishing supplies and it comes out of their own pocket.We took advantage of giving the school a check the first of the year that covers all of the Chazman's supplies for the year or at least it is suppose to. I want to thank Mrs. R for replenishing and hopefully it's never very expensive when she does have to do it. 

However, with our bumps in the road here lately, I can't go and buy any supplies to give Mrs. R so she is just going to have to be happy with a tin can!! know I wouldn't give her just a tin is actually a tin can but I did fancy it up a bit and add a few small supplies just for her. 

Aren't the little note cards above cute? I found these over at Mother Wife and Artist, Shalae Tippetts is the artist behind these cute cards and she has them as one of her freebies. Just remember that since this is a borrowed item that we are to use them for personal use only. Thank you Shalae. I added some small black tags and painted my words on with white make them look like chalkboards. 

How about these cute cupcake toppers? Nooo...I didn't make a cupcake tin can..hehe!!! I did use these for pencil toppers and one of the apples for the bottom of the can though. I found these over at Jamie Cooks It Up I'm definitely one of her new friends and plan on going back to wandered through more of her post. Some good things going on over at Jamie's!! Thank you Jamie for letting us "borrow" these cute items.

Here is the bottom of the can. I wanted a way to add the Chazman's name and the date to it......I don't want her to forget him. Then again...who could ever forget my little Chazman. (I'll show you the pencils at the end..I mean who hasn't seen a pencil with a topper on it....geez)

I love to find things and put them away until I can use them. While doing this project I remember that I had some alphabet writing prints on vellum paper. (yes yes I'm really into using vellum papers here lately..hehe) So I used some of it to put inside the can and then to made a rose out of and added one of my vellum black butterflies. 

I think the rose turned out so pretty and adds a bit of elegance to the project. OK OK as much elegance as you can give a tin can. Hrumphhhh!!!  ^_^

I thought about trying to find a school print paper to wrap the can up in but decided that I wanted to use fabric instead. I think it will last longer that way. Since the cute cupcake tags had the dark red/crimson on them I found a nice piece of dark crimson fabric to use. Ready to see the can?  

Turned out gooood!!! Well at least I think it did. On the end piece of the fabric there was one strip with the white running through it. I cut that and frayed down both sides and then sewed it to the bigger piece of fabric. Used one of my big vintage buttons to finish it off. No more plain tin can. Put it all together and you
have this.....................

I made curly wire for the pencils so the toppers would stay and added a tiny pack of crayons to finish it off. I know that Mrs. R won't use those but she has an adorable little one at home that I'm sure will. Chaz is very excited to take this to her and I got a BIG super duper BEAR hug for making it. A good way to start the day.

Until next time...............Hugs,


  1. Oh, this is just wonderful! I wish my husband's students brought him nice things like this! I don't think he even knows it's teacher appreciation week! I'm not telling will just make him sad. His school is just terrible! Can't wait to get him back in the city where he belongs with good teachers and good students!

  2. This is just so darling!! Really wonderful, hun!

  3. This is a wonderful idea!!! The teacher will love it.
    Crossed Fingers