Monday, October 8, 2012's looking like Halloween ^_^

Well...I didn't get not one of my project done that I told you about in my last post. You never know how the weekends are going to go around here. Any one else have that issue? Calling it an issue and not a problem's not a problem that I don't get to play in my studio when other things take priority. The Chazman wasn't feeling well AT ALL this he wanted to do a lot of cuddling on the couch. That was fine with me because (looking around to see if he is in ear shot ummmm I mean vision shot) he thinks he is getting to big to sit with mommie these days. I didn't like that he wasn't feeling well but I did enjoy the cuddling time.

I'm very proud of my young man. He wasn't feeling a whole lot better this morning BUT he went to school like a trooper without any complaining. Except that he said he wished that he had an on and off switch for his nose. Poor baby....bad cold!!!

When I came home from walking him to school I decided that I was going to put up some of the Halloween decorations. I actually ended up making some and sitting and remembering some of my old ones that I have made over the years.

Happy Halloween you walk in our front door. This is one of my had to sit down and remember some past Halloween memories....AHHH!!  I made this wreath the month before the Chazman was born. It's held up rather well for nine years (almost 10). The BooBears (that's what I call these) are made from cardboard that I reinforced by coating the backs in glue, letting it dry and then running them gentle over a candle flame. Then buffed them down and painted the front with acrylics. Here they are up close:

Witchie Poo Bear...she needs a bit of work or perhaps a new hat...LOL!! I just don't have the heart to do it since this is a keepsake.

Skellie Bear

Batty Bear

Boo BooBear

I didn't do a whole lot of decorating to the front porch (or my B&B as some call it..hehe) but I did put my candy cauldron and one of my ooaks witchie poo on a table by the front door.

The wall in our eating area I normally have my vintage signs hanging on...and my tea pot set out. I decided that I was going to add to some of my tins or even make a few new ones.

Welcome to the Witch Tea Party!! There are the witch sisters. They are some of my ooaks that I did several and I do mean SEVERAL years ago. The Harvest moon sign is one of my vintage tins and I thought with it being a moon that it would still fit in with the Halloween theme. I had found this cute paper image some time back (and of course my feeble mind can't remember where) and thought it would look cute flying across the moon.

My other tins didn't quiet fit the theme so I started making some to fill in the spaces on the wall. Here they are:

Simple but cute...ri iight? I had fun with this one. It's hard to see in the photo but I added some German glass to the charming witch's hat and to the face and neck of her cat. Then I made a charm with a cat and crystals.
The cute, adorable little witch sitting on the top is one that I won (last year I think...that feeble mind thingy again...sorry) from my very talented friend, Wendy, over at BLISS ANGELS. YOU have got to go and check out her blog....AWESOME!!!

Notice this is different than pic..I finished it after I took the pic..hehe

Here's another image I found some time ago AND don't even ask me from where because I just can't remember. (shaking head and wanting to cry) My memory is getting sooo soooo bad people...what were we talking about? Ohhh, yes the tea party. I added a good bit to the original image.

Now...before you say it, I know that this isn't a's a wreath. HA!! I wanted to do something a bit different to just add somethin somethin!! One of my black vellum butterflies and a vintage paper doll. Isn't she a doll ummm I mean pretty. I added to her cape a ribbon and a small matching piece of ribbon to her hat. I'm really thinking of making a felt mask to put in her hand and perhaps do a real broom to cover the paper one. I LOVE THIS!!!

Now I have more to do and will show you more pics as I go...that is if you want to see. I hope you do. I love when you come and visit with me here at the old Southern Ooaks tree. 

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. Every year you make your halloween house so inviting... I want to be there and not here. LOL
    Crossed fingers

  2. I love all your decorations! I got as far as having my family drag in the boxes. Today I HAVE to get everything up, or else I am going to blink and it will beThanksgiving! lol. Hope Chaz feels better soon. xo