Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Whatcha doin?

I'm rather nosey curious, aren't I? I admit it...I am...but HEY if ya don't ask ya won't know!! What have I been up to, you ask back? Well...let me tell you ^_^  I have been working on more Halloween tags for here at home. I'm trying to really decorate for the Chazman this year...he is really getting into the whole decorating theme. LOVE IT!! I made tags for containers I have in the kitchen.

You'e already seen the Vampire Blood decanter but I decided to offer some real treats too. The large jar in the back..yes..the one with the blue top...it's tag says "Bat Ears...Dried and Salted" (To improve your hearing)  It has dry roasted peanuts in it. See...even this quirky whimsy can come up with a few good ideas, ri iight??  The smaller one that is obviously empty at the moment WILL have some malted milk balls added to it. It's tag says, "Bat Droppings" hehe.

Here's Mummy Bear with his friend Hap the Happy pumpkin. (yes...the Chazman has to name then all) and the tag that goes with this grouping. Poor bear must have eaten the honey even though it plainly stated it was "POISON". Silly old bear!!!

Love my little ceramic pumpkin with it's ring of ghosties. It was my grandmothers...she gave it to me over 30 years ago. The glass vintage container sitting with it holds...drum roll please...dadadadadadadada...(taking breathe)....dadadadadadadad....."Fur of the Were Wolf". HEY...ya never know when that stew might call for a pinch. ^_^  BLECK!!!

I love vintage and old things...can ya tell? Huh Huh...can ya? This glass stopper bottle was my great grandmothers and for now it's holding "Wanda's Witches Brew". The owl is one of the vintage Halloween postcards that I have on file....printed out on cardstock.  Decorating can be so easy!!

My dang printer ran out of ink so I had to make these by hand but that's alright because they actullay go better with the white ghosties. The tall glass container has red twizzlers and the sign says " Bloody Skeleton Bones". The open glass container will have chocolate wrapped eyes and it's tag says "Fresh Plucked Eyeballs" and the last container will have homemade peanut butter roll cookies and it's tag says "Witches Warts". HEY...I could use some of the Werewolf fur to make them look like warts....just kidding!! I'm afraid the Chazman would eat them anyways. YIKES!!

The Chazman loved them all when he saw them this afternoon after we came in from school. Of course he wanted to know where all the goodies were that went with the tags. Ahhem...I will have to get some and make sure that I have lots of extra. Ohhh have ya'll met the Chazman yet? Here he is. Can you guess which one is him?  HEHE

Until next time..........Hugs,
Regi and the Chazman!!

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