Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIP it Wednesday!!

Santa on a coming along. I have his face detailed and his beard has grown in quite nicely. I made a tassel to go on his hood, which I am presently beading the edges as I type this post.  Wouldn't that be AWESOME....typing AND beading at the same time?  Heck..I do good to walk and chew gum at the same time. ^_^

Well goodness me, I sure didn't know that Polar Bear decided to "MOON" everyone. Sorry about that. ^_^
He is going to be with another Santa ooaks. I painted and detailed him while I was waiting on Santa's beard to grow dry.  Don't ya like how the material for his hood matches his candle stick? Just love burgundy, green and gold Christmascy!! (that's probably not how you spell that but it sounds that way and well I do tend to spell how it sounds at times..hehe) There's the little tassel and I'm thinking of attaching the tiny Christmas ABC book to him too. My muse might decide not to but we will see!!

Now...I have got to tell ya'll about this AHHHHHSOME, ABSOLUTLEYFREAKIN amazing blog I have discovered. It's called "Smeared and Smudged" and is the sister blog to "Smeared Ink". Terra is one amazing person that maintains these sisters and she is having a hop like no others: 31 Days of Halloween. This is a group of artist....stamping artist...and talk about inspiration, fun and sharing. YOU have got to go and check this group out...I mean it right now...don't wait any longer and BE are going to love it!! WAIT...don't go just yet ^_^. Please please please read all about this hop...they are giving away some awesome prizes and there is even a scavenger hunt every day. can go and

Until next time.............Hugs,

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  1. Regi, you crack me up. Love your new Santa, beaming up at me. And what is this about a mooning bear? I must have missed it - lol! xox