Monday, October 15, 2012

Free Shipping!!

I did it yet AGAIN!!! Let time fly on past!! I didn't realize that my last post was last Wednesday...YIKES!! I do so appreciate YOU stopping by to visit with me and I sure want to be here when you please forgive!!

Not much going on under the old Southern Ooaks trees since Wednesday except drawing out twenty-five stinky feet, twenty-five blue, blue eyes and twenty-five candy container toppers. Then having to cut out twenty-five pairs of stinky feet, twenty-five pairs of blue, blue eyes and twenty-five candy container toppers. Did I happen to mention there were TWENTY-FIVE of each to deal with. WHEW!!! The Chazman has a big class this year. I'm soooo not going to complain though as I have the feeling this will be the last year to make them for his classmates. That doesn't mean I can't make them to give out at the door next year..hehe!!

This is what twenty-five of each looks like...that's a whole lot of drawing, water coloring, outlining and then cutting out. Again...WHEW!!!!  I mentioned in my last post that the Chazman had said that some classmates didn't want to tear their mummies so I made a topper for them this year. One side (tab) will be glued to the holder and then I will put a small string tie on the other side so that they can just untie it to get to their "TREATS".

Figured since I made them where they can keep them that they needed a way to remember just where their TREAT came from. Mummies live in sarcophagus or perhaps in dark caves so I thought the bats appropriate. Now...all I have to do is get them all wrapped up...HAHA...get it....mummies...WRAPPED up!! I just kill myself sometimes with my quirky sense of humor. ^_^

Since this month is the month of my birth. (not celebrating it ancient) I am having FREE SHIPPING in my Etsy shop starting today until October 31st. You want to go want to order just have to have something..oh yes YOU DO. (is my subliminal message working?) When placing that order (you just have to have) simply enter FREEFLY for free shipping.

Until next time..............HUGS,
Regi AND the twenty-five stinky feet, twenty-five blue,blue eyes and the twenty-five candy container toppers.


  1. Just way too cute and way too much fun. Uuhhmmm did you make these on NBB?
    I am off to bed I had a huge day and it is storming like nothing you have seen.
    Crossed Finger

  2. I really wish I hadn’t seen this as I really want one now GW2 gold, swtor credits, wow gear !