Tuesday, October 30, 2012

He wants his MUMMY!!

I did it again...didn't I? Let almost a week pass by without posting. Betcha thought those twenty-five li'l mummies took over my studio and started wrapping ME in crepe paper huh? THEY DID..THEY DID!!                  OK, well...perhaps they didn't really (thank goodness too because they sure were eyeing my hot glue gun) but do you know how it feels to have twenty-five pairs of eyes just sit and stare at you? I'll tell ya how it feels. It feels extremely...CREEPY...that's how it feels!! I swear I think that some of them actually turned to look right at me. Oh yes...I was just sitting here working on their crate (ok it's really a hand painted box to look like a crate) and several of them....Oh wait...they did turn to look at me...cause I turned them. HEHE

The Chazman is so excited about taking these to his classmates. He wanted to take them today but I told him he had to wait until tomorrow for their HALLOWEEN party!! I think that I'm going to have to make a new box crate before we do any other projects for his class as this one is starting to look like it really has been shipped back and forth from Egypt AND possible buried in the sand...under the pyramids. Not to mention it has been to the North Pole and back several times. I bet those elves played "kick the box crate" with it too. Oh Oh...and the Easter bunny...I'm sure he..well...let's just let that one go. A new box crate it will have to be. I had to use this one, one more time though, since I still haven't been able to get my ink cartridges because DANGGGG...they cost as much as a new printer. Now that really is a bit frightfully SCARY!! Thankfully, I had a few things already printed off and in a drawer....so....I used them.  It so pays to be a pack mouse (didn't say rat...mouse sounds cuter. Don't ya think?) Here's the box crate the mummies will be traveling in tomorrow ummmm I mean arriving in from Egypt. ^_^

Yeah yeah....I know...you're thinking "OMGOSH REGI, those postage stamps are HUGE". Like I said...I used things I had been saving and they ARE postage stamps from Egypt. I have to confess that when I printed them off I didn't want them to be so big. I get carried away working and trying to swat my muse away long enough to do something and then I get side tracked and (oh look out the window..two little squirrels chasing each other) What were we talking about? Oh yeah..the big stamps. See how easily distracted I can get..hehe  When printing them off, I forgot (imagine that) to change the size..so BIG FREAKING HUMONGOUS STAMPS got printed!! I don't like to waste anything so I saved them. YEAH ME!!

I have been wanting to use this cute little mummy and am so happy that I can now. The Chazman really liked him and wanted him on the box. He didn't care how or where but he wanted his mummy!! The little tag with him says "BEWARE....Open with EXTREME Caution".  HEY....if all twenty-five mummies jump out at once and start eyeing the kiddos.....I did warn them!!

Now as to this picture. It's a bit fuzzy looking, is it not? I think we heard something knocking on the box crate...the mummies want OUT and they want out NOW!! They made the box shake so my picture came out this way. Yeapers..that's what happened. It did...I kid ya not!! After we took this one, the Chazman picked up the box...whispered something to it....gently shook it and then put it in the closet.

Until next time...............Hugs,
Regi, The Chazman and the twenty-five Li'l Mummies


  1. Hey just too cute. I love the whole thing.
    crossed fingers

  2. You are the best mom! What great memories you are building. xox!