Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Slowly working....very S L O W L Y !!!

This is how I am feeling these days....S L O a turtle!! I can not believe that I let yet another week get pass me without posting. Good Grief!!! On top of being slow my camera has decided to put itself in hibernation and not work. It had better enjoy it because I am going to figure out how to wake it up..oh..yes I am!!

My last birthday was Thursday. YES..I said, LAST one and I mean it, darn it. I'm getting very forgetful and I'm hoping that it will just go on by from now on without a care. I mean let's face it I'm not getting any younger (and I'm falling apart where my super glue won't hold me together anymore) and I sure can't say I'm 29 any longer. 29 + 25 is more like it and OMGOSH....that makes me ancient. So....starting next year, the 18th is just a happy for everyone day. GOT IT? GOOD!!! ^_^

My SIL and her family (nine of them all together) came for a visit this weekend. help celebrate my birthday. Geez one would let me forget about it. They brought me a BIG cookie and sang to me and I loved it!!  Our niece came with her family and this was the first time that my two great nieces and nephew had ever seen the ocean. We thought that perhaps the 2 year old would be afraid but WOW...she is part mermaid. She loved it. I wish my camera had been working because she had me crying I was laughing so hard at her. The seagulls would walk close to her or fly over head and she would start squealing..then they would start their laughing sound they make and then she would start laughing and trying to chase them. So cute. We all had a blast going places and just being together. It was a great birthday gift having them all here.

The Chazman and I caught a bad tummy bug Sunday afternoon and spent Monday trying to coordinate bathroom time. We only have one bathroom and normally it's not a problem but Monday it was!! He felt better by Monday night and well...this ancient one is still feeling the effects. Thank goodness though I have the bathroom all to myself. ^_^

Today, I'm hoping to work on my Santa and Polar Bear piece. I have so many more I need to get done. Wish me luck...I'm going to need it.

Until next time..........HUGS,


  1. Too much cookie huh? Hope you and Chaz are feeling better.
    Big birthday hugs
    Crossed fingers