Thursday, October 4, 2012

Completed Santa Candlestick!!

WOW and WOOT WOOT.....I finished Santa on a stick!!! Doing the happy dance...oh yes I am!! Ohhh..Hi there, didn't see ya come in. HeHe  I guess ya can tell that I am just so happy to be finished with this piece. NOT that I didn't enjoy making him but I have sooooooo many ideas being bounced off me by my muse that I needed to finish him. (before she started throwing things at me ^_^)

I think he turned out to be a handsome fella. He looks more like the old German Belsnickle character than our traditional Santa. I love him though!!

Won't he look handsome sitting on a mantle or foyer table with green, burgundy and gold candles surrounding him?'s on to the next ooaks. Wander which one my muse will insist on my starting? Thank you for coming to visit....

Until next time............Hugs,

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