Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Santa's going North!!

Good Morning or Good Afternoon...depending on what time it is when you are visiting ^_^.  Here, it's morning so GOOD MORNING and Happy Hump Day!!!

Today I'm going to be working on "Santa and the Polar Bear". The Polar bear I have ready..well..not really..that's not true...I have to make his riding blanket and harness. THEN he will be ready. I sculpted Santa's noggin (that's his head for those that don't know..hehe) yesterday and am planning on getting it baked up and detailed this morning.'s zombie Santa!! Nahhhh...he always looks so creepy until I get him baked, his eyes painted and his beard on. The Chazman will turn him completely around when he comes in the studio to play a game on the computer. He REALLY creeps him out!! I guess with it being Halloween month I decided that I would be tricking the Chazman. Last night he was playing his game and naturally Santa gets turned around. Chazman had to get up and go to the ummmm library...yeah yeah..the library (code for bathroom) and while he was gone, I got up and ran on quiet little mouse feet...hehe...and I turned Santa back around and actually sat him looking right at the computer screen. about a "HEY MOM" when the Chazman came back in the studio. You see...I had quietly snuck back into the family room and was reading my book when he came out of the library so he had no idea I had been back there. I walked in and asked him what was up and he was just sitting WAYYYYY back from the desk and pointing. I'm not very good at lying and well...I busted out laughing and told him I did it. He didn't talk to me for awhile after that...imagine that ^_^

My muse is whispering that she wants him to have nice warm mittens on instead of just doing his hands like I normally do. She reminded me that he is riding in the cold....on a Polar the snow!! I guess the mittens might be best. (plus it will keep her out of my ear and buzzing around)

Until next time..........Hugs,


  1. I love Zombie Santa!!!!

  2. my gosh, you create so many beautiful things, pleas send your muse to Europe, specialy to me :)

  3. I always love your Santa's each year. This one is particularly unique with the polar bear. Should be a real beauty when finished.

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