Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Faerie muse inspired jewelry

I'm so blessed to have several muses that sing to me (blessed unless they all want to sing at the same time that is..hehe) My faerie muse came to visit with me and brought such inspiration along with her. I told ya'll yesterday in my post that I had found some gemstone beads while hunting for something else completely and it seems fae wanted to use them for her inspired designs. I'm very happy that she did!!!

I love these beads and taking a picture of them NEVER does them justice. (of course, it could be the camera and the photographer..just a wee bit) The dark ones are in the green hued family and are called green cube shell beads. They look like they have a rainbow inside when the light reflects off of pretty. The pink ones are pink coral and the two green ones are dyed water pearls with a hand blown glass bead used as the focal bead. The other side of the focal bead has some coral color in it and it will turn around..when it wants to. ^_^   I made this using memory wire so it will fit any wrist.

I do believe this one is my most favorite bracelet I have ever made. I used jasper beads (the green flecked beads), bone beads (the tiny off white beads), goldstone (which is a manmade stone and is the brown with golden flecks) and the focal bead on this one is a river stone. came from a river!!  A true earth faerie designed this one...can't ya tell? It is also made on memory wire and wraps several times around your you have several different bangles on.

This was made on two strands of memory wire. The silver piece is one whole piece and very unique. I do believe my faerie found this one and decided to sneak it home. I don't really know where it came from but I like it. Don't you?? I used jasper beads, black acrylic beads and did the closure using green hemp rope and a twisted square knot. Would look very elegant with a dress or equally as good with a pair of jeans and a tshirt. (or shorts and a's getting fairly warm here)

These can be found in my Etsy shop and I hope you will come and shop sometimes when you are looking for that unique gift. (or just something special for yourself)

Until next time..........Hugs,

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