Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting all tied up in knots..hehe

I'm going to have to stop apologizing for not posting because it seems it has become a habit...LOL!!! Time truly is passing on by rapidly and I'm just going to have to hang on and enjoy the ride. I just hope that you hang in there with me and do come to visit because I will swing on the old Southern ooaks tree as much as I can. YOU make me want please keep visiting and THANK YOU!!!

When these old eyes will let me, I have been working on a new sculpt as well as trying to finish up the last two pieces in the jewelry commision I have. I did finish the bracelet this morning and I really love how it turned out. I wasn't quite sure how the small natural hemp would look but I think it looks amazing.

Of course as with all my jewelry pieces, I made a cute little gift box to place it in. I normally make the box out of white cardstock but this time decided to use some bright colored blue cardstock that I had. I added a paper flower with a small acrylic flower bead in the middle and one of my vellum butterflies.

I love making my little paper boxes and they are so simple. If you are new to my blog and would like to learn how to make one for yourself, simply click HERE. I like to put tissue paper inside the box or I like to make my own filler. Making your own filler is really easy. All you have to do is cut some thin strips out of paper and then fold them like you would a them up and PRESTO...paper filler.

For those that have been visiting for awhile and have met my sweet gals, Gabie and Pumpkin, I thought I would give a small update. They are at that VERY rambunctious stage but also that very, very curious stage. I have had to move all of my craft supplies out of their reach (and sight) plus keep my desk drawers taped shut. Yes... yes, the lil demons darlins can open the drawers. I keep my hemp roping, beads and other small craft supplies in them and they LOVE to pull them out. I don't know if they are trying to make something or just enjoy making a mess...hehe!! When I'm working on one of my postings or just trying to catch up on reading some of your blogs, they are right here with me. I swaney that they actually read along with me and Gabie even tries to move the mouse for me. So love these furbabies!!!

Well, it's off to work on the necklace and perhaps get some clay in my hands too. What are YOU working on today? Something fun I hope.

Until next time......Hugs,
Regi (Gabie and Pumpkin)


  1. I am working on something fun for you! Tee-Hee...

    Love your blog Regi!

  2. Yep there is no need to apologies. Life seems to go by and then oops posting. LOL You are so cleaver with your art. I am always happily surprised when you do post something.

  3. Listen here, young lady, you should never have to apologise, it is YOUR blog for YOUR thoughts and you can post or not post whenever you like. So there. Tehehehehe. I do love your posts though, I love you latest bracelet, it looks really charming. And as to your cats, do you really think you can put things out of their way? Hah, not unless you put them in a safe, lol, I remember from our cats years ago, that they get into EVERYTHING somehow. xxx

  4. Pretty kitties!!! They look just so sweet!!!