Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Boho glass bead bracelet

Today I'm working on some BOHO jewelry pieces. One is for the friend I am doing some pieces for and the others will go in my Etsy shop. I went on a mad hunt for some black beads this morning and found some of my gemstone beads that I had totally forgotten I had. YEA....love to find treasures...AGAIN. HEHE ^_^

Here is the commission piece.....a blue and black hued BOHO bracelet I made using memory wire. The focal bead is a hand blown glass bead...so pretty!! (and before you ask...NOOOO...I did not make it myself. Fire and me DO NOT go together..at all...just sayin)

She requested that each piece have it's own little paper box. I want to make each one a tad bit different. (that way I can hopefully remember which jewelry piece is in which box) I like to use tissue paper or some kind of filler in the bottom so that the piece doesn't jiggle around to much and wouldn't ya know it...I didn't have any of either. Not a problem though cause I am the queen of reusing items...oh yes I am!!! I always have leftover paper when making the boxes and I keep them. Well..ya never know when ya might need a small piece of paper....like I did today. I cut it into thin strips and then folded each tiny strip into a small fan and then opened it back up. Instant filler!!

For the top of this box I did one of my small butterflies. Printed an image off onto vellum paper...added a small wooden bead in the center and tied it to the top of the box. So simple yet so pretty, ri iight??

Now back to more beading for me. What are YOU working on today? Something interesting I bet!!

Until next time..........Hugs,

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