Thursday, June 13, 2013

Seahorse love....Nerissa and Nixie

The ocean is a fascinating world and if we could only see everything that happens beneath the waves. It's an enchanting realm filled with delight and wonder.....more than most of us could even begin to imagine. If only our world above the waves could get along together as well as the one below the waves....every creature great and small living in harmony and peace...caring for each other...protecting each other and loving each other as all families should.

Two such creatures that share the sea and are totally devoted to one another are Nerissa and Nixie. A sweet, tiny little mermaid and her constant companion, a seahorse named Nixie. Ohhhh, the adventures these two have together. Hunting for old shipwrecks and gathering up treasures galore.

Narissa and Nixie are one of my original Southern Ooaks designs in the mermaid series. Each one has a strong wire armature underneath their fully hand sculpted bodies. Narissa's face was detailed using acrylic paints along with fine MICA powders. Her eyes, hand painted on bone beads. Her hair is dyed pulled wool yarn. Her tata covers are natural shells found on one of our walks on the beach in Gulf Shores, AL. Her tail was detailed using fine MICA powders mixed with a glaze that gives it that wet look. Nixie was detailed using acrylic paints and sealed for protection. Both sculpts are attached with a wire base to a natural sea urchin. The white bottom base has been covered in German glass to give it that sandy look. They sit at 5 inches from base to the tip of Narissa's flowing locks.

These two sweet characters will be available in my Etsy shop. I have free shipping in the US and will ship everywhere else the lowest I can. I hope these two whisper to you.......take us home!!!

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. Absolutely breathtaking. I love your whimsical creations Reggie!

  2. Yet another adorable creation of beauty Regi!

  3. My keyboard got stuck before I could say... I luv the stories behind each and every piece. It truly bring out the joy and special meaning to each one of your works of art!

  4. Really gorgeous, I love the little seahorse and the mermaids hair is gorgeous, love them
    Lindsay xx