Thursday, June 20, 2013

Need some input from you ...pplease!!

Soooo, it seems yet again I have let Father time swoosh on by. I really do need to tie a rope around his waist so that he can't move so fast, eh?

I'm working on a few things at a time...WAIT WAIT..don't go into shock. I know that I normally work on one thing at a time but for some reason my mind needs more than one thing to focus on at the moment. ^_^
I'm working on a new mermaid piece and all I'm going to say about it at the moment is the name...The Nanny. (hope that's enough of a tease hint that you will want to come back to visit just to see what it is)  I'm also working on two commissioned jewelry pieces...a twisted hemp necklace (using the metal pansy and vintage pearls) and a natural hemp bracelet (using the metal pansy and vintage pearls) Working on these two different things lets me twist and squish. What could be better therapy? I mean...really...what could?

I hope that YOU have been keeping busy and letting the creative juices flow. I would love to hear about whatch been doin!!

Until next time...........Hugs,

Oh oh ohhhhh....I wanted to get some input on something. I'm planning on doing a few children's short stories using my whimsical mermaids as the main characters. I mean they do seem to find some interesting adventures, ri iight? What do you think? Let me know...ppplease!!!

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  1. Lol I always have no end of projects on the go all at once hehe it gets very chaotic in my house because of it, will be looking forward to seeing The Nanny, I definitely think you should have a go at the childrens stories, the back stories you give to your characters are always entertaining so I am sure they would go down well. Illustrations based on the figures you make would be lovely too (I would love to have a go at drawing them as they are so magical)
    Lindsay xx