Monday, November 10, 2014

It's Monday and time for an angel to come visit!!

Happy Monday peoples. I can't say happy good morning because I kinda let the morning slip on pass me. It's lunchtime already. Geez...someone grab Father Time by the coat tails and slow him down, will ya? ^_^

Are you following along with the seashell projects? I hope you are. I would so hate to think that I have been talking to myself here. HEHE  No matter really though cause (looking around) I do it AND answer myself. It's nice though if YOU are following along. I would love to see some photos of any that you have made from my How To's. Please!!! Purty please!!

Yesterday I promised that we would make an angel ornament today and boy is this one easy project to do. The hardest part is where ya have to go and find the shells and then leave the beach. I mean, isn't it so hard to walk AWAY from the beach. I know it's hard for me and I can go anytime I want. I'm so easily distracted..what were we talking about....oh....yes....a project. What you will need for this project as seen in the above image are the following:

Oyster shell
Cockle shells (2)
Moon shell (small)
Wire (20 gauge)
Beads (4-5)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

So easy to do. Make sure that you clean and dry all your shells before putting together if you haven't already done so. Take the oyster shell and place either side up that you want to use. I really liked the outside of this one but if the inside is prettier, you might want to use that instead. It's your angel!! Place the cockle shells sideways on either side at the top and then place moon shell turned sideways in between cockle shells. The cockle shells are going to be her wings and the moon shell her face. Doing this lets you see where to place the shells before you start to glue anything down permanently.

Finished project. 

Cut a piece of twine about 4 inches long and knot the cut ends together. I normally do two knots to make it strong. Take your glue gun and place a line of glue on the back side at the top of the oyster shell and lay twine over it. This will be the hanger so make sure it has enough length to add a wire hanger or even enough to use the twine as the hanger.

Next, taking your glue gun you want to add a dab of glue to left top side of the oyster shell and attach one of the cockle shells. Turn the cockle shell sideways so it looks like a wing. Take the moon shell and place sideways next to the now attached wing so that you will know exactly where to glue the other wing and leave enough room to add moon shell afterwards. Now, do the same thing to the right top side to add cockle shell. Once that's done add dab of glue in between the cockle shells and place moon shell sideways.

Cut about a three inch piece of 20 gauge wire and thread about 4-5 small beads on to it. This is going to be her halo. Once beads are on wire, take wire and place around pointer finger and cross wire over in back and then twist until you have a small stem coming down. Don't twist to tight on finger because you don't want to be part of the halo, do you?? ^_^  To keep beads from moving add a tiny dab of glue to both ends or you can fill up the halo part with beads. Remember, it's YOUR angel!!

Take some of the moss and add to the top of the moon shell. This is her hair. Add as much or as little as you want. After moss is attached add a dab of glue to the back of moon shell and attach the halo stem. I normally put a small dab on to the stem as well for add support and strength.

You angel is completed. See, I told ya it was an easy project. A beautiful ornament made by you using gifts from Mother Nature. What could be better? Perhaps making several and giving as gifts? Or perhaps making several to hang on your tree? You know how to make them now  so make several and have FUN!!!

Until next time............spread those wings,

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