Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What do you see when you look at certain objects??

Happy Wednesday morning peoples!! Ya know what Wednesdays's getting closer to those three nights and two days that we all seem to love so much. The weekend!! I'm hoping that ours will include a beach walk cause heaven knows, I NEED more shells....hehehe!!

I finished the tree topper yesterday and Robin loves it. I love making special pieces and then having them loved as much as I loved making it. That's a lot of LOVE peoples!!

Pretty, yes? I really enjoyed making this piece. I had originally planned on using 4 of my oyster shell angels but it would have been to wide at the bottom to be a topper and also probably to heavy. Don't want a leaning tree that could topple over, now do we? I ended up using three angels and instead of the cockle shells I use on my single hanging angel I chose to use scallop shells. Turned sideways they do look so much like a pretty wing. I'm thinking of making a few of the hanging ones with both types of wings and even sculpting a few of the faces instead of using the moon shell. Still in the muse whispering stage at the moment though. ^_^

As I stated yesterday in my post, that I was going to work on the two projects, I actually got both completed. I think Santa turned out rather...........beachy.....hehe!! I love using items I find on my beach walkabouts. Every shell on these were found on walks taken in Gulf Shores. The moss is from a walk in the woods (in Wetumpka) from a long time ago that I dried out myself. So...all are gifts from Mother Nature, that were just laying around, waiting for someone to see what more they could be.

What do YOU see when you look at certain objects? I've always been one to see "hidden" objects in just about anything. A wooden floor, a rug, paint swirls on walls, clouds overhead and even shells. Santa just JUMPED out at me with these two. I must confess that I have more shells that have Santa peeking out of them as well.

Here's some I'm going to be working on today. Notice that some have additional oysters started on them? What do you see? I see some sweet kiddo faces or perhaps an elf. Who knows just WHO will pop out once I start with the clay.

Until next time..........LOOK,
Regi ^_^


  1. You are just amazing woman. Your art is so unique and interesting and so much detail.

  2. I would love to look through your eyes for just a moment and see what you see, lol.