Sunday, November 16, 2014

I do doodle designs sometimes ^_^

Happy Sunday peoples!! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend filled with adventure and if no adventures then I do hope some much needed rest and relaxation. Both are good....very, very good indeed.

I have been doodling all morning. Yes, I do doodle designs sometimes..hehe!! Try saying "I do doodle designs" fast five times...get that tongue a working. My doodles are hopefully (fingers crossed) going to be painted on glass Christmas balls. Keeping with my beach themed designs I'm excited to get started on some this afternoon.

Now keep in mind these are just doodles (rough drawings) I don't sit and draw neatly unless I'm planning on actually using the pen and pencil for something where it needs to be neat. I just love to doodle!!! I have a few more doodles that I've done over the years that I might just use too. We'll see how it goes.

Hope you'll come back to sit under the old Southern Ooaks tree to see just how these turned out. My muse has so many ideas being sung to me and well...I wish she would just shhhhush for a bit and let me catch up. ^_^

Until next time............Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes (my new saying)


  1. Oh wow Regi, What neat and LOVELY ideas! They're going to look wonderful on ornaments. I don't believe I would have the patience to paint them up so small. I once got to paint a few store windows for Christmas a LOOOOONG time ago. Have FUN with all these lovelies!

    1. Now girl...ya know I have to have my therapy and painting is a good way to get that...hehe. Ohhhh I would loved to have seen those windows.

  2. Love your doods! Your mermaids have such style.
    Have a great week