Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Welcome the month of ThanksGiving!!!

Happy Wednesday peoples!! I can not believe that yet another month has come and gone and the beginning of November is here. It's the month we have ThanksGiving and yes before you think I totally forgot how to write......I wrote Thanksgiving as I see it. A time of Thanks and a time for Giving of oneself. Of course, I try and practice both all year long not just this month. I hope that YOU do too.

Sadly with October ending that meant all the Halloween decorations had to come down. I LOVE my decorations....especially my Halloween ones but at least November is one where I can decorate too. Yea!!

My simple WELCOME banner and yes....YOU are always welcome here.
Not many decorations in the B&B but this lil pumpkin and fall flowers to make a SMILE.

Like my "Give Thanks" banner? I tweaked it a bit from the original. I found the templates for the letters at this cute blog called "At Second Street" (click on the name if YOU would like to make one) I printed the letters on white cardstock and then using my X-acto knife cut out the inside of the letters. Had to be VERY careful cutting around those curly cues peoples....very very careful. Once cut out I used some vintage papers from an old poem book I have. I placed them on another piece of white cardstock and then placed the cutout on top of it. I used a school glue stick to stick them together. To run a ribbon through just cut slits in the top portion of the card. have a banner!!

This is one of my ooaks from 2009. Her name is Gypsy and she LOVES blackberries. Her wings are real butterfly wings. Oh noooo I did NOT kill a butterfly so stop that gasping ^_^   Mother Nature blessed me with finding them after the lil creatures soul had risen. I love using them in my pieces when I am blessed with them. 


Another one of my ooaks, Apple Annie. Fall is the perfect time for apples, yes?

I collect my bears!! It's fun dressing them up for different holidays too. Here's pilgrim bear. Simple outfit made from felt (hat, vest) a linen napkin (shirt collar) black ribbon (tie). Did you notice the beary cute turkey in one of the earlier images? Like I said.....I love to decorate the bears.

This big little bear really gets to enjoy several holidays. Remember the pirate from last month, aye? His under clothes stay as well as his felt boots year round. I made them for the Chazman's first Halloween costume out of felt...they just slip over shoes and in this case.....bear feet!! His vest is made from a piece of suede and I would normally have beads hanging down from the strings on the sides but Piwacket was WAY to fascinated with them.....perhaps next year.  That's a real bear tooth hanging from his neck too. He's a chief....can ya guess his name? Nooo? It's Chief Standing Bear of course.

Have to add a bit to the phone table.

So that's my simple Thanksgiving decorations. Thank you for taking a peek. I love when you come to visit and I hope that you will leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by. Love my comments!!!

Until next time...........PEACE,

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  1. LOVE all of it!!! I don't have much for Thanksgiving really, so I'll just enjoy all yours. . . ;)