Friday, November 14, 2014

Whooooo knows what day it is?

Mr Owl knows and he even has his dancing pants on to prove it.....hehehe!!! Happy Friday peoples!! I hope today is just the beginning of one HOOT of a weekend for YOU.

Remember this picture from my post on Wednesday? Of course ya do....well.....they have all been repurposed into Christmas ornaments. I actually got 10 more made (on top of the first two I've already shown you) and delivered to Beach Reflections and the Blue Mermaid Gift shop yesterday afternoon.

Santa goes perfect on an oyster shell, yes? He does look kinda like an old salty sea dog and I bet if he could have been something else besides Santa then he would have been a pirate.....a good pirate mind ya. Argg argg arggg!!! Notice that some of the shells have more than one face? Well....that's because some actually had additional shells attached and my muse just had to fill them in too. If interested in purchasing one of my original oyster shell Santas then just follow this link to Beach Reflection's online shop and Diane will gladly handle it for you. I'm only doing a limited amount of these and remember...they are one of a kind!!

Apparently I'm going to be painting some clear glass Christmas balls and sand dollars today and this weekend. The ladies had them all ready to hand off to me and say " your thing". I'm Happy Happy cause I LOVE doing my thing. ^_^

Until next time.........Hugs,


  1. I guess you best get busy up there then! ;) LOVE the Santas! NICE WORK! I love that first one especially. Pretty and all so unique.

  2. Thank you my sweet friend. The Chazman wants me to do him one but with Santa as a pirate...hehehe