Sunday, September 20, 2009

Magus is coming along....

My muse started singing way to loudly that she wanted big feet exposed on this ooaks. I just had to let the toes curl over the wooden stand. Magus is such a chubby, tenderhearted soul that it seemed appropriate...LOL!!! Someone once asked me if the light bulbs would break. As you can see in the WIP pics they are well protected. I wrap them in green or brown florist tape...give a good coating of craft glue all over......then comes a covering of batting...then a body glove...and for this chubby Magi an all around covering of yarn...20% of which is Mohair so it feels so good. Magus is adorning "Sprinkles"..the color of the yarn. It has beautiful hues of greens, purples, violets and blues. Such a beautiful aura that Magus must cast. Now I'm off to finish this lil ancient one. Hugs, Regi

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