Friday, September 18, 2009

Magus, Wizard Bulb'z

Every mystical, magical town needs a Magi, or wizard. This is Resyculbinz one and only. He is an ancient one and quite shy. So to be able to capture a glimpse is a magical moment in time.
These are WIP pics of Magus before he is baked or painted. Look...I remembered the ears...LOL!! He is made from Sculpey clay and is designed without the use of any molds. I was going to do his eyes a bit different and had them done but I saw on a friends profile page a character similar so I decided to change Magus up a bit. Ya'll know me, I like to keep mine unique and quirky and like no other.
I'm going to put him and Santa in the oven to bake and hopefully get them painted and have their hair done by this afternoon so I can start on the hands and feet. Check back to see how they turn out...I'm excited because I never actually know myself until I start on them. I learned a long time might start out with a design in mind but it never stays that way. Each character has a mind of it's own and I have a muse that is constantly singing. Hugs, Regi

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  1. Excellent Regi, Your characters have such a mystical quality, they could be in any adventure... Looking forward to the finished product