Friday, September 25, 2009

WIP pics of Fall Santa

Some wool....a block of foam....and one very sharp, SHARP felting needle and your only limit as to what you can design is YOU. A very good friend asked if I used a leather glove when I felt. I don't...I should...I need to. I'm one that likes to feel the wool being worked and I can't do that with a glove on. YES, I do get stuck quiet often and YES it really really hurts..LOL!!! I've been very lucky that just the tiny tip hits my finger but believe me that's enough. I do have to confess that I do wrap several band aides around my fingers to at least help with the ouchie but I can still feel the wool being worked ;)

As with most things, I probably start my felting out a bit different that most. If it's a big ooaks then I have a wire armature underneath. For the small ones, like this one, I just felt a tiny underfelt. I get the basic form I'm trying to achieve and then start adding more wool.
Here she is...can you see her? This is going to be one of the forest creatures that is with the Fall Santa ooaks I'm working on. She is a spotted flopsy earred rabbit. She is in the sitting position because she is being loved by the old man himself. He will be holding her, or attempting to hold one of his arms. I still have a good bit more to do on her but I think that she is coming along nicely.


  1. Thank you for looking...check back!!!

  2. Excellent !!

    We love these WIP postings! It's like being there observing you work. K.O.C. (keep On Creating)


  3. Ya'll make it all worth while....knowing that someone is looking over my shoulder makes me want to ummmmm keep on working...hehe!! Hugs!!!

  4. ps- your husband sounds like a good man! ;)

  5. LOL Blase'...he is the BEST!!!!! ;)