Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I can not believe that I let so much time go by without a post. Well, actually I can...LOL!!! It has been one wild ride around this homestead the past few weeks...almost like a whirlwind swooshed in and decided to stay awhile. We lost some wonderful friends this past weekend...ohhh noooo...not that anything happened to them...they are just moving on with their adventures in this life. Alot of packing, cleaning and just listening seemed to whirl pass so fast to get them ready. A new job took them to another state and a beautiful, tiny babygirl has been added to their family. They already had a smart and very energetic son so with the two I'm sure their lives are going to be so full of wonderful tales to tell us old friends when we see each other again. We will miss them, never forget them and feel blessed always that they touched our hearts if even for a short time.

As these neighbors were moving away, new ones moved in right next door. A mom and two beautiful teenage girls. Thank the good Lord that Chaz is still a wee one and girls...well...they aren't high on his list right now...LOL!!! I'm sure we will have a great time getting to know one another as time goes by. Changes...changes....new adventures...isn't life grand!!!!

That nasty old flu bug has come and gone TWICE to poor lil Chaz in the past few weeks...that or it just didn't fully let go the first time. I hope that everyone is taking precautions against it...it is not something to mess around with and with fall just around the corner (well for us Southerners anyways...I know for others, it's already here) this is only just the beginning of this nasty lil critter making it's way into our homes.

Chaz is back at school today...YEAH...and was so excited about feeling better and getting to go. I really LOVE his teacher he has this year. You can really tell the "seasoned" teachers from the ones just starting out. She really keeps the children's interest and that keeps them wanting to come and learn each day. For us parents....she is just as great. She sends home a lesson plan for the week....which I was very thankful for with Chaz home fighting this flu. We knew what to study and do to keep him up to date. This is a great First grade adventure!!!!

Since things are back to normal (let's keep fingers crossed for just a day or two longer) I'm back working in my studio. "G is for Ghost" is the current ooaks in progress. I hope to have her completed this week....photos soon...if she will "show" up for them....LOL!!!!!!! SO many ooaks planned....just doesn't seem to ever be enough time in the day.

Hugs to all, Regi


  1. Wow, you sound all happy-like! I'm glad.

    Peace Always,
    the DragonLady

  2. Welcome back ! We are glad to hear all is well and you are again creating! we look forward to pics of the new wonder.