Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Magus...the Magi/Wizard

Magus, the Magi/Wizard is complete. He was originally one of the Resyculbinz clan but I think that he has inspired a collection of wizards and healers series. When rummaging through all my stones, gems and crystals, I came across a box of crystals that I friend had sent me some time ago. She even went to the extent of bathing them in the moonlight for me. For those that aren't to familiar with crystals it is believed that "bathing or cleansing" them periodically will remove any negative energies that have been captured in them. It also rejuvenates the crystal's healing properties for future use. They can be bathed by holding them under gently running tap water and if you are using the crystals healing powers then this is something that should be done on a regular basis. The BEST way to bath or cleanse them is by leaving them out in a safe place in moonlight overnight – a full moon is ideal for this. Even an inside windowsill that will get the moonlight would be fine. The powerful lunar rays will clear all crystals thoroughly. This is of course how you would cleanse the one's Magus is holding. Simply let him enjoy a night sitting in the window on a full moon.
Magus is holding a large clear quartz crystal that is topped by a small rose round cut quartz. The clear quartz is believed to help aid in ear and hearing problems. The rose quartz has healing properties of calming, heals emotional problems and feelings of vulnerability. Around his neck is a necklace that is made from man made beads and the center bead is made from amethyst, a beautiful purple crystal that is a member of the quartz family. This crystal will calm overactive emotions. Attached to the amethyst is a sterling silver PEACE sign. This let's everyone know that Magus is a healer.
I made a wrist band of cut crystals for Magus to wear. There is deep blue celestite, a wonderful enlightening, uplifting stone whose properties help to allay anxiety, fear and worry. It can open up a connection with the Universe, the Angelic realm and assists those who wish to astral travel. On the physical side it helps the digestive system and can speed up the elimination of toxins from the body. There is also a rhodochrosite, a beautiful pink crystal which is excellent for helping one accept life's ups and downs, strengthens courage, heals past life traumas and is a wonderful tool for meditation.
With life's stresses and pressures who couldn't use a Magus sitting on a shelf watching over them. This ancient one would love to come live with you.

Price: $90 plus Travel Fare


  1. Magus looks real excited about his wizardery. nice job.

  2. Regi, he's cute! I just loooove his feet! Great job on him.


  3. Thank you both for the wonderful comments. Hugs, Regi

    LOL..I just figured it out that I can post here too. ;P