Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two new ooaks in progress

Santa LOVES Mrs. Claus's pumpkin pies. She sends him out to pick some of the best from the beginning of the fall harvest. Santa looks forward to this time as he gets to breathe in all the wonderful fall smells...the just turning crisp air....the ground as it absorbs the falling leaves. The sounds of all the tiny creatures scurrying about gathering for their winter storage. He sits amongst the pumpkins not just to pick one but to enjoy all the chatter of the forest creatures. You see, Santa is a forest man as well as the bringer of gifts. Well, he can't spend 24/7 in the cold and with a bunch of can he? ;)
The above pic is of Santa's head before he is baked and any painting is done. OOPS...I forgot his ears...he has to have ears to hear all the scurrying about. Good thing I posted a WIP..LOL!!
He is one of my Bulbz' tell the truth..most of my small chubby characters are. I'm thinking of incorporating one of my needle felt creatures into this sculpt. My muse is singing LOUDLY on this one. Check back often to see his progress.


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  1. Can't wait to see the finished piece! Cool Regina! Keep on creating.