Saturday, September 19, 2009

WIP pics of Magus, the Wizard Magi

OMGOSH...he kinda looks like a beatnik...LOL!! As you can see I finished with the face painting and the EYES. His hair is all done and his tiny chin beard. I used feathers...I love to use feathers. They look so airy and fluffy and when the character is sitting and a breeze blows on them you would think that it had come to life. You might have just seen it move and out of the corner of your eye you caught a glimpse. But you know it was just the breeze and the feathers, of course. Or was it????
I'm working on his body today. Applying the batting to fill him out. Then making a full body glove to cover that. I have all the materials picked out to make his outfit. He is going to be holding a healing crystal and a staff. What well respected Magi wouldn't have his staff. Next will be his hands....hummmmm I think that I will make those first and then work on the body while they are baking and cooling. I see big chubby hands...they would have to be to contained all his mystical powers he holds. Oh yes and what about the feet. I have two ways being "sung" to me. One is just big old feet and toes, the other is soft felted boots.
Like I've said before....designs are always changing!!! Check back soon for more. Hugs, Regi

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