Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's going to be a Boo tree.....

The Halloween bug has chosen a victim and it has chomped down hard. It seems as though the Chazman thinks we just don't have enough decorations soooooo he wants us to make some more. I'm so proud that he thinks "Mommie" can do anything......there might be some things I can't do but believe you me I sure will give it my best. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Several, several SEVERAL years ago I made this really cute Boo tree for someone I worked with. He wanted something unique to give his wife for her birthday. She was born on October 31 (sooo not going to tell the was a long long long time ago...hehe) She collected all things Halloween and his job was to find something different each year. I always kept one of my ooaks sitting on my desk so he came to me. I came up with this really unique idea for a wire tree with tiny Halloween ornaments hanging off it. She loved it!!!! When Chaz was asking questions about what we could make I remembered this gift from so long ago. So Santa move it on over because Halloween is taking over!!!




  1. ..seems Santa doesn't have a chance, anymore!

  2. not for the next week anyways...LOL!! Thanks for's nice to know I'm not the only one.

  3. awww thank you thank you!!! LOL

  4. Ahh yes that once a year "free day" for Goblins and Gremlins to come into sight and give you a delightful fright!

    Fitting that it takes place under the sign of Scorpio.

    We are staying tuned to see what playfully ghoulish creatures you come up with!


  5. thank you for always looking...I LOVE my peeps ;)