Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some more WIP promised.

I'm having so much fun with this sculpt. I love using different materials in my props and with this one I'm doing just that. These of course are the pieces going with the Fall Santa or Santa and the pumpkins. I think I have called it both...LOL!!!

Santa has an antique glass garden box/seat that he always takes along with him whenever he goes to garden. He has found the most perfect two pumpkins for Mrs. Claus to bake her famous pumpkin pies with. Why two?? you is for Mr and Mrs Claus and the smaller one is for the elves. I think there would be a rebellion if they didn't get their very own. Yummmm, can't you just smell that pumpkin spice in the air!!!!

The glass box is an antique keepsake box that I found at an estate sale. There is a tiny tin watering can. A gardening book that I made, a seed bag, a garden shovel and a tiny swing blade. Santa always puts his gardening tools back in the box and then sits on it for a spell to listen to all the wonderful sounds coming from around the nearby woods.

Santa loves to smoke a pipe. He loves Mrs. Claus but she doesn't love the pipe so much. That's one reason he loves spending time in the garden....he gets to smell the freshly turned earth and the smell of his aromatic tobacco. He never has to buy his pipes as his elves make them for him. Unique and different, each one. Today Santa picked up one that was carved with a jolly ole face of him....HOHOHO!!!

Today I hope to start outfitting Santa. I love making the costumes almost as much as I do sculpting. OK, ok I love doing anything that requires using my hands and my quirky imagination. Check back soon...completed pics soon. Hugs, Regi

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