Monday, October 19, 2009

WIP on Fall/Pumpkin Santa

WOW....I can't believe that a week has gone feels more like a month. happy to be feeling normal well let me rephrase that...human again...LOL!!!! I want to take a minute too and say THANK YOU to my followers that I have taking the time to read this quirky artist's blog. I love all the comments, so please keep them coming and pass me along to your friends so they can pass me on to their friends and so on and so on and...............

I'm working on the Fall/Pumpkin Santa and as you can tell he is coming right along. I'm having a very difficult time deciding if I want to do full clay feet/boots or do clay feet and felted boots. My muse is pulling me in both directions which makes it really hard to decide. Since the feet are being a really "stinky" problem right now....get it....stinky....feet...ok ok I know ;) I think today will be one of working on his hands and some of his pieces that will go with him. I'm toying with him smoking a pipe since he is out in the patch away from Mrs. Claus. I need to make some of his garden tools too to put in his work chest he will be sitting on. It's a small glass chest so the pieces will be seen. So many ideas dancing around in my head so I guess I need to go and get busy. Check back soon for more WIP notes on this ooaks and as always thank you for looking.



  1. Excellent WIP'S!!! Looks like you have been hard at work being uniquely creative as usual! Glad to see someone else is as "busybee" like us.

    Thanks for the comment on "Se souvenir~Remembering" You and I share a common heritage "and thats a good thing"

    keep on creating Regi


  2. I have some more WIP pics to post on this one. I sculpted a really cool pipe for Santa. Will get them posted tomorrow. I LOVE reading your blog..I read every new post!! I'm proud of my heritage and have so many stories from my great grandmother (Nina). My cousin married a full blooded Creek and she said that we need to track down who our tribe is....Chaz would have so many wonderful benefits. My sister is working on it. I'm PROUD of it no matter what...I have my Nina stories and I'm sticking to them...^_^

    Hugs to ya both, Regi